Blade & Sorcery Targets Full Release In Early 2024
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Early 2024 Set as Full Release Goal for Blade & Sorcery

Physics-Based Combat Sandbox Blade & Sorcery to Release Full PC VR Version in Early 2024

Physics-Based Combat Sandbox Blade & Sorcery to Release Full PC VR Version in Early 2024

After five years in early access, the physics-based combat sandbox Blade & Sorcery is finally gearing up for its full PC VR release early next year. Developer Warpfrog recently shared its plans for the game’s final update on Steam, announcing the addition of a new game mode, Crystal Hunt, along with several other updates.

Introducing Crystal Hunt

The highly-anticipated 1.0 version of Blade & Sorcery will introduce a new game mode called ‘Crystal Hunt.’ This mode brings an original dungeon biome and a progression system, allowing players to start with nothing and gradually become more powerful over time. In Crystal Hunt, players will explore the dungeons of the ancient and enigmatic Dalgarians, a mysterious race. The developer promises an immersive experience with environmental storytelling that will captivate players from start to finish.

Crystal Hunt will employ a unique approach to character progression. Players will collect loot and sell it to purchase new weapons. Additionally, they can unlock magical skills and skill tree branches using ‘Crystal Shards’ and ‘Crystal Cores’ respectively. This intriguing progression system adds depth and variety to the gameplay, ensuring players remain engaged throughout their adventure.

Expanded Arsenal

Version 1.0 of Blade & Sorcery will also introduce an array of new weapons, armor, and quality-of-life improvements. Players can look forward to 37 additional weapons, including swords, axes, polearms, staffs, and various types of arrows. With these additions, the game’s total weapon count reaches an impressive 75, providing players with a wide range of tools to unleash their combat prowess.

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Furthermore, the Ruins sandbox map will undergo layout changes and receive updated visuals, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The developer’s dedication to improving quality-of-life features ensures that players will have a seamless and enjoyable time exploring the world of Blade & Sorcery.

Release Details

Blade & Sorcery is currently available for PC VR on Steam Early Access. While the developer has set the estimated release window for the full version in Q1 2024, it should be noted that this timeframe is subject to change. Warpfrog is committed to delivering a polished and refined experience, and additional updates will be provided to keep the community informed.

Whether you’re a fan eagerly awaiting the full release or a newcomer intrigued by the concept of a physics-based combat sandbox, Blade & Sorcery promises an immersive and exhilarating experience. Stay tuned for more updates as the game prepares to make its highly-anticipated debut.

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