Counter-Strike 2 hints toward possible launch date
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Possible Launch Date for Counter-Strike 2 Revealed in Hints

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Valve Teases Counter-Strike 2 Launch Date

Counter-Strike 2 is definitely one of the biggest FPS games this year and possibly even the past decade. Valve’s highly anticipated sequel has had CSGO fans and prospective CS2 players excited for quite some time now, especially with its steady waves of early access invites to the game’s limited test beta. If you’re hyped for the approaching Counter-Strike 2 release date, we may have some really thrilling news in store for you. Valve could have just teased the full Counter-Strike 2 launch, and it’s coming very soon.

A Mysterious Social Media Post

In a seemingly out-of-the-blue social media post, the iconic developer simply asks, “What are you doing next Wednesday?” While no other context comes alongside the curious question, it seems like Valve is hinting toward the actual CS2 launch date. If that is in fact what the team is doing, that means that Counter-Strike 2 will drop on Wednesday, September 27.

Counter-Strike 2 post hinting toward launch date

Delayed Release

Since the developer previously said the Counter-Strike 2 launch was coming “soon,” it’s not that surprising that Valve has made such a mysterious post alluding to its possible release. The shooter was initially meant to launch sometime in the summer, but it looks like the date was pushed back to the beginning of fall. Either way, we can’t wait to see what the full build looks like.

Stay Updated

We will keep you updated as Valve releases new information about the launch date. For now, you can check out some of our other favorite multiplayer games if you need another shooter experience with friends to scratch that Counter-Strike itch. Alternatively, browse through a few of the confirmed Counter-Strike 2 maps thus far for a better understanding of where you’ll be playing.

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