PSVR2 Roguelite The Foglands Gets a New Trailer and Halloween Release Date
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New Trailer and Halloween Launch Date Revealed for PSVR2 Roguelite Game – The Foglands

Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands will release on October 31 and feature an optional flatscreen mode

Developer Well Told Entertainment has announced that its highly anticipated PSVR2 roguelite, The Foglands, will be released on October 31. Alongside the release date, the developer revealed a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s unique features and a surprising addition of an optional flatscreen mode on PS5.

The Foglands was initially unveiled during the February PlayStation State of Play event, following the launch of Sony’s high-end VR headset. This upcoming game promises to provide a refreshing change of pace from the numerous military shooters already available on PSVR2.

In a recent Twitter post by Well Told Entertainment, fans were treated to an extensive gameplay trailer that offered a glimpse into the dark and twisted world of The Foglands. The trailer provided a sneak peek at the arsenal of weapons players will have at their disposal to fend off the hordes of monstrous creatures that inhabit this atmospheric roguelite shooter.

Described as an “anti-Western atmospheric roguelite” in a post, The Foglands immerses players in a constantly changing environment, where they assume the role of Jim, a Runner tasked with protecting the people of the Hold. Players will utilize a combination of guns and melee attacks to defeat their opponents while collecting Scrap and Fog Oil to unlock new gear, upgrades, and areas. Additionally, the game features a unique mechanic where players can acquire special abilities from a mysterious character known as The Stranger during each run. However, these abilities, along with the collected items, are reset upon death, adding an element of challenge and strategy to the gameplay.

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Although The Foglands is not a full-fledged horror game like the upcoming PSVR2 mode for Resident Evil 4, it boasts a distinctly eerie aesthetic that perfectly complements its Halloween release date. The game’s atmospheric ambiance and terrifying creatures are sure to send shivers down the spines of horror enthusiasts.

The newly announced option to play The Foglands in flatscreen mode on PS5 opens up the game to a wider audience, particularly those who may find the fast-paced VR gameplay uncomfortable. Despite the PSVR2 outselling its predecessor as of May, there have been relatively few notable releases for the headset in recent months. Therefore, the Halloween launch of The Foglands will undoubtedly be welcomed by PSVR2 owners eagerly seeking new gaming experiences.

Furthermore, the announcement of Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands release date hints at a promising future for horror game enthusiasts on the PSVR2. Recent rumors suggest that Firesprite, the developer behind The Persistence, is working on a AAA PS5 horror game, which may potentially see a release by 2025. This offers a glimmer of hope for fans of the horror genre that there will be more thrilling VR experiences to come.

In conclusion, the upcoming release of Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands on October 31 has generated excitement among PSVR2 owners. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics, immersive atmosphere, and optional flatscreen mode on PS5 make it an intriguing addition to the PSVR2 library. With its Halloween launch, The Foglands is set to provide a spine-chilling experience for fans of roguelite shooters and horror-themed games alike.

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PSVR2 Roguelite The Foglands Gets a New Trailer and Halloween Release Date

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