Battlefield Takes Priority at Need for Speed Developer Criterion Games
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Criterion Games, Developer of Need for Speed, Shifts Focus to Battlefield

Criterion Games Focuses on Battlefield as Need for Speed Takes a Back Seat

Battlefield 2042

Criterion Games, the renowned studio behind the Burnout series and its contributions to the Need for Speed franchise, is now shifting its focus primarily towards the Battlefield franchise. This move comes as the UK-based studio aims to support DICE with the development of Battlefield 2042 and future installments of the popular shooter series. It is important to note that a “core group” within Criterion will still be dedicated to working on the Need for Speed franchise, ensuring its continued development.

As reported by Eurogamer, this strategic decision was made to solidify Criterion Games as one of the key studios working on Battlefield alongside DICE, Ripple Effect, and Ridgeline. Vince Zampella, the head of DICE, expressed EA’s strong commitment to the Battlefield series, clarifying that this four-strong studio lineup marks EA’s dedication to the continuing success of the franchise.

Criterion Games has undergone various changes in recent years. Following the departure of many of its talented individuals, a significant number of Criterion alumni formed Ghost Games, which took over the development of the Need for Speed series for an extended period. Meanwhile, those who remained at the original studio provided support for EA’s Battlefield and Star Wars games. Eventually, responsibility for the Need for Speed franchise returned to Criterion, leading to the release of Need for Speed Unbound at the end of last year. Although the game received positive feedback, it did not quite reach the expected success.

The Future of Criterion and Need for Speed

With Criterion Games now taking a supporting role in the Battlefield franchise, many enthusiasts are curious about the future of the studio’s involvement with the Need for Speed series. Addressing this, Vince Zampella expressed his optimism, stating, “I’m really looking forward to working with a core group as we shape what’s next for the franchise.” This statement reassures fans that Criterion’s expertise in the racing genre will continue to be valued, albeit with a smaller team dedicated to the development of future Need for Speed games.

The change in direction for Criterion Games does not mean any redundancies within the studio. Instead, it serves as an opportunity to leverage the strengths of the studio’s talented individuals in the highly successful Battlefield franchise, while still maintaining a presence in the world of racing games. Fans of both franchises can look forward to continued innovation and exciting experiences as Criterion Games and DICE collaborate on Battlefield 2042 and future projects.

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