Pistol Whip Celebrates Halloween With 'Elixir Of Madness'
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‘Pistol Whip Embraces Halloween Spirit with Thrilling ‘Elixir Of Madness”

Pistol Whip Unleashes Halloween Madness with Elixir of Madness Update

Get ready for a spine-chilling experience this Halloween as pistol-wielding rhythm shooter game, Pistol Whip, releases its brand new Elixir of Madness update across all major VR platforms. The update promises to deliver “ghastly delights” inspired by vintage horror cinema and the mysterious world of seedy absinthe speakeasies.

A Mesmerizing Blend of Sound and Visuals

Elixir of Madness is a spine-tingling addition to Pistol Whip, featuring electrifying electro-swing music by Odd Chap, perfectly complemented by phantasmagorical visuals. The update debuts with the ‘Halloween Party’ scene on October 5th, followed by two more scenes on the 12th and 19th, promising an immersive and haunting experience for players.

But that’s not all – the update also introduces new enemies to amp up the terror factor. Brace yourself as you face off against spine-chilling foes armed with a Sawed-off Shotgun, Tommy Gun, and Skull Bludgeon. Prepare to unleash your inner warrior as you navigate through this nightmarish world.

Enter the Madness: New Modifiers to Test Your Skills

Elixir of Madness brings three new modifiers to Pistol Whip, each offering a unique twist to the gameplay. The ‘Laser Sight’ modifier equips players with an improved sight, enhancing their accuracy and precision. However, the ‘Glitch’ modifier throws players into a challenging situation where they must carefully consider every shot. Finally, the ‘Bullet Graze’ modifier rewards players for narrowly dodging bullets, adding an exhilarating element of risk-reward to the gameplay.

Pistol Whip’s Continuing Journey

Elixir of Madness follows the success of the recent Overdrive Season, which treated players to five monthly scenes from April to September. The previous scenes, named Shred, Nobody Wants You, Good News, Majesty, and Work, have captivated players with their unique themes and intense gameplay. But the madness doesn’t end here. As per the recent roadmap, fans can expect another thrilling collection in early 2024, promising a genre that pushes the boundaries even further.

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Available on Multiple VR Platforms

Pistol Whip’s Elixir of Madness update is a treat for players on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR 2, Pico 4, and PC VR. Best of all, this haunting collection is a free update for all players, allowing everyone to experience the madness this Halloween season.

So, gear up, embrace the darkness, and prepare to be enthralled by the supernatural wonders of Elixir of Madness in Pistol Whip. With its captivating blend of music, visuals, and heart-pounding action, this update promises to be a Halloween scarefest like no other.

Article published September 19 and updated with release in October.

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