Mini Golf In A Haunted House For Halloween
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Haunted House Mini Golf: A Spooky Twist for Halloween Fun

Mighty Coconut’s Widow’s Walkabout: A Haunting Mini Golf Experience

Prepare to be frightened and amused as Mighty Coconut, the development team behind Walkabout Mini Golf, unveils their spine-chilling 22nd course – Widow’s Walkabout. This eerie haunted house, conjured from the imaginations of the entire team, promises a terrifying yet thrilling golfing adventure. Set to open on October 19th, Widow’s Walkabout will take players on a 13-minute tour they won’t soon forget.

Enter the Widow’s Walkabout Spooky Tour

Widow's Walkabout
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According to Mighty Coconut’s official description, Widow’s Walkabout is a mansion on a cliff rumored to be haunted by a mischievous spirit. The mini golf course within holds countless surprises, enchanting mechanics, phantasmal objects, and breathtaking Victorian architecture. As players make their way through this ghostly labyrinth, they’ll encounter curious onlookers and uncover hints to a secret story lurking around every corner.

Mighty Coconut has gained notable success with an accelerated release schedule for Walkabout Mini Golf’s paid add-on courses. Thanks to the efforts of company head Lucas Martell and an enhanced creative pipeline, every course, including Widow’s Walkabout, features unique music, assets, and fresh gameplay ideas. The design evolution can be explored through a playlist of in-depth videos showcasing various courses like Labyrinth, Myst, Upside Town, and Atlantis.

Although Widow’s Walkabout doesn’t include jump scares, players can expect spooky elements. However, Mighty Coconut assures fans that specific features can be disabled through the game menu. To determine if Widow’s Walkabout is suitable for others, a tour with senior art director Don Carson is highly recommended.

Arriving on October 19th, Widow’s Walkabout will be available as a $3.99 DLC add-on for the acclaimed Walkabout Mini Golf game. VR enthusiasts can look forward to embracing the Halloween spirit while experiencing the best of virtual mini golf across major platforms, including the Quest Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, and Pico.

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Exciting Opportunities Await

Don’t miss our upcoming tour of Widow’s Walkabout, scheduled for October 19th. If you’re eager to invite friends with headsets, consider organizing a Halloween party centered around the spine-tingling adventures offered by Widow’s Walkabout. It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the holiday spirit and create lasting memories in the virtual world.

Walkabout Mini Golf Review
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For those who haven’t experienced Walkabout Mini Golf yet, it’s time to embark on this essential VR journey. Walkabout Mini Golf has garnered critical acclaim and is considered one of the must-play VR games across all platforms. Be sure to check out our review for an in-depth look at this captivating title.

Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for the opening of Widow’s Walkabout on October 19th. It’s time to join the fun and excitement as Mighty Coconut showcases their unparalleled creativity and storytelling through the medium of virtual mini golf.

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