Bootstrap Island Brings Robinson Crusoe-Esque Survival To PC VR
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PC VR Gets a Taste of Robinson Crusoe-Inspired Survival with Bootstrap Island

Bootstrap Island: A New PC VR Survival Game Inspired by Robinson Crusoe

Inspired by the timeless classic novel Robinson Crusoe, Maru VR, an Estonian studio, is set to release a new PC VR survival game called Bootstrap Island. With a detailed focus on immersive gameplay and engaging storytelling, this exciting adventure will be available on Steam Early Access in Q1 2024.

Shipwrecked on a Mysterious 17th Century Tropical Island

In Bootstrap Island, players will find themselves stranded on a mysterious tropical island set in the 17th century. Channeling the spirit of Robinson Crusoe, they must quickly adapt to survive the intense challenges that await them. From searching for food, drink, and weapons to collecting materials for fire and defending against vicious beasts, every moment will test their survival skills.

Immersive VR Gameplay with a Compelling Narrative

Bootstrap Island is specifically designed for virtual reality, providing players with an unparalleled level of immersion. Rein Zobel, the game’s creative director, states, “Players will really feel like they have found themselves washed up on the shore of a classic storybook adventure.” The combination of stunning visuals, realistic environments, and a compelling narrative will transport players into a world where their decisions shape their destiny.

High Fidelity VR for High Performance Platforms

Maru VR has confirmed that Bootstrap Island will not be available on the Meta Quest platform. While the possibility of a future Meta Quest version is not ruled out, the game is designed with high fidelity VR in mind, targeting high-performance platforms only. This ensures that players will experience the game’s rich virtual reality environment at its full potential.

At the moment, there are no plans for co-op gameplay, but Maru VR has hinted that multiplayer features may be introduced in the future, offering new opportunities for collaboration and exploration.

A Glimpse into the Adventure: Steam Early Access and Demo

Bootstrap Island is set to embark on its early access journey on Steam in Q1 2024. Players will have the opportunity to dive into the game’s captivating world and provide valuable feedback during this development phase. To get a taste of the thrilling gameplay, a demo will be available during next month’s Steam Next Fest.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bootstrap Island, an unforgettable survival experience inspired by Robinson Crusoe.

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