Check Out This Amazing 6000 Piece Starfield LEGO Set
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Discover the Incredible Starfield LEGO Set: A Jaw-Dropping 6000-Piece Masterpiece

LEGO Builder Recreates Starfield’s New Atlantis with 6000-Piece Set

In a remarkable feat of creativity and dedication, LEGO builder Taris120_Builds has recreated Starfield’s New Atlantis using a staggering 6000 pieces. The project took a whopping 50 hours to complete and has garnered attention for its incredible attention to detail. Taris120_Builds shared their masterpiece on Twitter, with the Reddit community also getting a glimpse of this amazing creation.

Check Out This Amazing 6000 Piece Starfield Lego Set
Image: Taris120_Builds

The painstaking recreation of New Atlantis includes iconic elements from Starfield, such as the MAST HQ, spaceship landing zone, and various other components that fans of the game will immediately recognize. The level of detail and intricacy in this LEGO model is truly impressive, demonstrating the builder’s passion for the game and their exceptional building skills.

“I just couldn’t help myself and instead of playing Starfield, I immediately ended up rebricking New Atlantis. Roughly 50 hours and 6k pieces later, this is the result…”

The enthusiasm and dedication Taris120_Builds poured into this project is evident. The fact that they spent so much time and effort constructing New Atlantis showcases the extent to which the Starfield community is inspired by the game’s immersive universe.

With its massive size and astonishing level of detail, this LEGO creation is a testament to the creativity and passion of Starfield fans. It also demonstrates the potential for official Starfield LEGO sets that could capture the hearts of both gamers and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

Reactions from Starfield fans

Starfield fans all over social media have been impressed and inspired by Taris120_Builds’ LEGO recreation. The Reddit community, in particular, has been buzzing with excitement and admiration for the level of dedication and talent involved in constructing this massive model.

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Comments on Twitter and Reddit have praised the builder’s attention to detail, with many users expressing their desire for an official Starfield LEGO set. Some fans have even shared their own ideas for potential LEGO sets based on other aspects of the game, showcasing the enthusiasm and creativity of the Starfield community.

Community excitement for official Starfield LEGO sets

The overwhelming response to Taris120_Builds’ LEGO recreation of New Atlantis raises the question: when can we expect official Starfield LEGO sets? The demand for licensed merchandise, particularly LEGO sets, based on popular video game franchises is nothing new. The market for gaming-related LEGO sets continues to grow, with many fans eagerly collecting these unique and highly detailed creations.

Official Starfield LEGO sets would not only provide fans with the opportunity to recreate their favorite scenes and locations from the game, but also serve as collectible items that celebrate the immersive world of Starfield. The possibilities are endless, from building iconic spaceships and structures to creating minifigures of beloved characters.


The impressive 6000-piece Starfield LEGO set created by Taris120_Builds showcases the dedication and creativity of the Starfield community. With its intricate details and faithful recreation of New Atlantis, this LEGO model has captivated fans and sparked a desire for official Starfield LEGO sets. As fans eagerly await the release of Starfield, the possibility of building and collecting LEGO sets based on the game’s universe adds another layer of excitement to the highly anticipated release.

Let us know what you think of this enormous bit of Starfield LEGO in the comments!

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