Lost Ark introduces new “independent” servers for returning players
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Lost Ark introduces new servers specifically designed for returning players

Smilegate Introduces Jump-Start Servers to Enhance Lost Ark Experience

Lost Ark, the visually stunning MMORPG from Smilegate, is set to receive a major update that will revolutionize the gameplay experience for both new and returning players. In a recent news post, Smilegate announced the introduction of Jump-Start servers, a new server system designed to provide a fresh beginning for players looking to dive back into the world of Lost Ark.

A Fresh Start for Returning Players

The Jump-Start servers aim to make the return to Lost Ark a seamless and enjoyable experience for players who may have been away for some time. Smilegate acknowledges the steep progression curve of the game and understands the challenges that returning players may face. With the introduction of Jump-Start servers, Smilegate aims to create a good place for players to reacquaint themselves with the game’s unique raids, dungeons, and character systems.

Accelerated Progression and Unique Benefits

So, what exactly are Jump-Start servers? Smilegate explains that players on these servers will receive materials that enable faster vertical and horizontal progression. These materials include honing materials, card packs, and more, allowing players to quickly level up their characters and dive into the action. Additionally, players who join the Jump-Start servers will receive a South Vern pass, instantly boosting their character’s item level to 1415.

To ensure that no players miss out on this exciting opportunity, Smilegate has confirmed that each region will have its own Jump-Start server. This means that players from all regions will have the chance to experience the benefits of the new server system.

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An Independent Experience

The Jump-Start servers will be isolated from the existing servers, providing players with an independent space to explore and progress at their own pace. The auction house, marketplace, party finder, and PvE matchmaking will all function independently on the Jump-Start servers, allowing returning players to have a fresh and unaffected experience. The only shared aspect will be the PvP matchmaking and rank system, ensuring that players can still engage in competitive gameplay.

Monitoring and Reconnection

While the Jump-Start servers will initially be isolated, Smilegate has assured players that they will closely monitor the progression and populations. The developer plans to reconnect the Jump-Start servers with their respective regions within the next six months. This approach allows Smilegate to fine-tune the experience and ensure that players have the best possible gaming experience.

To get a comprehensive overview of the new server details, including information on events and experience buffs unique to the Jump-Start servers, players can visit Lost Ark’s official website.

Start Your Adventure on Jump-Start Servers

Excited to try out the new system? Jump-Start servers will open in Lost Ark starting Wednesday, September 13. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an exciting new journey in the world of Lost Ark.

If you want to learn more about the game or gain a better understanding of its features, be sure to check out our in-depth guide and tier list on all the Lost Ark classes. Alternatively, explore some of the other intriguing new MMOs available if you’re a fan of playing with other people.

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