Madden NFL 24 Is Free for Everyone All Weekend on PS5, PS4
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Enjoy Free Access to Madden NFL 24 on PS5 and PS4 All Weekend

EA Sports Offers Free Trial of Madden NFL 24

With the new NFL season kicking off this week, EA Sports is offering players the chance to experience Madden NFL 24 for free. In an unprecedented move, the game’s publisher has made the entire title available for a free weekend trial, just weeks after its initial release. From now until September 10th, players can enjoy the game without any limitations or restrictions.

Setting the Stage

Though some might assume that the decision to offer a free trial indicates low sales, EA Sports is quick to dispel those notions. In a press release, the Redwood Shores organization proudly states that Madden NFL 24 has set a new single-week franchise record for digital units sold at launch. However, it is worth noting that digital game purchases continue to increase on consoles every year, making the significance of this record somewhat unclear.

The Rise of the Baltimore Ravens

In an unrelated yet interesting development, the Baltimore Ravens have emerged as the most popular team in the game. According to the usage data, the Ravens have rocketed to the top of the list of the game’s most frequently chosen teams. This may be attributed to their newly signed wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., who leads the list of most touchdown catches in the game.

Madden NFL 24 PS5 Review

Our team thoroughly evaluated Madden NFL 24 on the PlayStation 5 and was impressed with the improvements made to the franchise. While not without its flaws, the game takes the franchise another five yards forward. Here are some highlights from our review:

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Graphics and Gameplay

– Visually stunning: Madden NFL 24 boasts impressive graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience. Players will appreciate the level of detail put into stadium design, player animations, and weather effects.
– Smooth gameplay: The game offers fluid controls and improved player movement, allowing for realistic on-field action. The precision and responsiveness of the controls contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience.

New Features

– Enhanced Franchise mode: Madden NFL 24 introduces exciting new features to the franchise mode, providing players with a more immersive and engaging experience. From negotiating contracts to managing team morale, the franchise mode offers a comprehensive simulation of the NFL world.
– Dynamic weather system: The game’s new dynamic weather system adds a layer of realism to matches. Changing weather conditions, such as rain or snow, affect gameplay and player performance, making each game a unique challenge.

Online Multiplayer

– Improved connectivity: Madden NFL 24 ensures a smooth and stable online multiplayer experience, allowing players to compete against friends and other gamers worldwide. The game’s servers have been optimized to minimize lag and connection issues, resulting in more enjoyable online gameplay.


Madden NFL 24 continues to be a strong entry in the franchise, offering players an immersive and visually impressive football experience. With its free trial offer, EA Sports aims to attract more players to engage with the game, showcasing the improvements made in this installment. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or a casual gamer, Madden NFL 24 on the PlayStation 5 is worth a try.

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