What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 493
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What’s on Your Weekend Gaming Agenda? – Edition 493

The Crew Motorfest Revs Up for Exciting Racing Action

The weather is allegedly scorching in the UK, but there’s no time for sunbathing: this is release season! Games are dropping left, right, and centre — and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably struggling to keep up. This is what our team are playing.

Sammy Barker

It’s sports game season for me, so having just wrapped up Madden NFL 24, I’ll now be turning my attention to NBA 2K24, trying to figure out all the best builds.

Stephen Tailby

I’ll be heading to the sunny shores of O’ahu this weekend — not in real life, sadly, but a digital recreation is better than nothing. Yes, I’m taking The Crew Motorfest for a spin as I prepare for my review. Thoughts on the game coming soon.

Simon Fitzgerald

I will finally be starting Sea of Stars this weekend, it’s been downloaded since launch but I just haven’t got round to playing it yet. I may also break it up by enjoying a few rounds of Battlefield 2042 in between.

Exciting New Titles

There are two big new titles on our team’s hit list this week, then — and everyone else was too busy to respond. What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

Game Description
The Crew Motorfest Embark on a thrilling racing adventure in this open-world driving game. Explore a vast and detailed recreation of O’ahu, where you can participate in a variety of exciting events and challenges.
Sea of Stars Embark on an epic RPG journey in this visually stunning game. Discover a beautifully crafted world, engage in strategic turn-based combat, and unlock the secrets of the stars.
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Join the Action

With The Crew Motorfest and Sea of Stars on the horizon, gamers have plenty to look forward to this weekend. Whether you’re a fan of intense racing or immersive RPGs, these new titles promise exciting gameplay and unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the action!

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Written by Corey McNamara

Corey has a great love for MMORPGs", a deep dive into the social dynamics of online gaming. He is a frequent speaker at gaming conventions and a champion for inclusivity in the industry.

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