Redfall doesn’t have enough Steam players to fill a team
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Insufficient Steam Player Base in Redfall to Form a Full Team

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Redfall: Arkane Austin’s Co-op Vampire Shooter Struggles to Find Players on Steam

Redfall, Arkane Austin’s co-op vampire shooter, has faced numerous challenges since its release back in May. Despite initial excitement, the game has failed to gain traction and has now fallen into relative obscurity. However, recent data reveals just how dire the situation has become for Redfall on the Steam platform.

A Multiplayer Game with a Struggling Player Base

Redfall is primarily designed as a multiplayer game, offering players the opportunity to team up and battle hordes of vampires. While it is possible to play the game solo, the true essence of Redfall lies in its co-op experience. Unfortunately, the game’s performance issues and lackluster deviations from Arkane’s usual standards have hindered its success as a live service hit.

Steam players of Redfall have been hit particularly hard by the game’s dwindling player base. At certain times of the day, it is nearly impossible to form a full co-op lobby due to the lack of active players. This scarcity of players has severely impacted the overall experience for those looking to enjoy Redfall’s multiplayer component on Steam.

A Shocking Decline in Player Count

Recent data from Steam Charts paints a grim picture for Redfall’s player count. In the past few days, the number of active players on Steam has dropped to a staggering low of three individuals. Yes, you read that correctly – only three players. This means that finding a lobby without crossplay support is an arduous task for those attempting to join the game on Steam.

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Even at its peak, Redfall’s player count remains dishearteningly low. Over the past 24 hours, only 34 players ventured into the world of Redfall, and this number slightly increased to 48 over the past 30 days. These figures highlight the game’s struggle to attract and retain a substantial player base.

A graph tracking Redfall's player count on Steam

A Missed Opportunity for Arkane Austin

The decline of Redfall is undoubtedly disappointing, especially considering the potential it showcased in early previews. The game’s narrative and character design received praise, but ultimately, it failed to live up to expectations due to performance issues and a lack of innovation. As a result, many players quickly moved on to other titles, leaving Redfall to fade into obscurity.

Alternative Game Pass Adventures

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