Lords of the Fallen Dev Acknowledges Influx of Soulslike Games
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Influx of Soulslike Games Acknowledged by Lords of the Fallen Developer

CI Games thinks its approach to Soulslike games will stand out

Developer and publisher CI Games acknowledges the growing number of Soulslike games in the industry. However, the studio is confident that its upcoming Lords of the Fallen sequel will differentiate itself from the competition. Another game in the genre, Lies of P, is also challenging for players’ attention, with its release slated for September 19.

The Concerns of CI Games

In an interview with PCGamesN, CI Games’ creative director Cezar Virtuso and art director Alexandre Chaudret expressed their slight worry about the saturation of the Soulslike genre, particularly from a business perspective. Despite their concerns, the team firmly believes that they can push the boundaries of the genre and produce a game that will captivate players.

“Yes, we are worried,” Virtuso admitted. “But at the same time, if we’re true to ourselves and dig deep into our well, no one is going to reach the depths that we have reached.” Chaudret added, “It’s worrying in the sense that we want to succeed from a business standpoint. But I think players are not at all against just having more good games. If we do a good game, people will be super happy.”

A Fresh Take on Soulslike

CI Games aims to bring a fresh approach to the Soulslike genre with the eagerly anticipated Lords of the Fallen sequel. While inspired by the gameplay mechanics that define the genre, CI Games is confident that its unique vision and attention to detail will set the game apart from its peers.

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The Soulslike genre, popularized by FromSoftware’s influential Dark Souls series, is characterized by challenging combat, intricate level design, and deep exploration. However, CI Games believes that by infusing their own creative ideas and storytelling elements into Lords of the Fallen, they can create an experience that resonates with both Soulslike enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre.

Release Date and Platforms

Lords of the Fallen, the highly anticipated sequel, is set to launch on October 13. It will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms.

The Future of Soulslike

The rise in popularity of Soulslike games has led to a wealth of titles flooding the market, making it a task for developers to stand out. However, CI Games remains optimistic about the future of the genre. They believe that players will always welcome good games, regardless of the specific category they fall into. By staying true to their creative vision and delivering a high-quality experience, CI Games aims to carve out a special place for Lords of the Fallen in the hearts of gamers.

In Summary

Developer and publisher CI Games is ready to face the challenges of the Soulslike genre head-on. With their unique vision, dedication to quality, and desire to offer players an exceptional experience, CI Games is determined to make Lords of the Fallen a standout title in the competitive world of Soulslike games.

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