High On Life DLC Release Date Set for Horror-Themed Expansion
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Horror-Themed Expansion: High On Life DLC Release Date Announced

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When does High on Knife release?

The upcoming High on Life DLC, High on Knife, officially has a release date, with developer Squanch Games confirming when the horror-themed DLC will launch. The High on Life DLC release date has been set for October 3, 2023, when the expansion will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. To celebrate the news, Squanch Games has released a new trailer, completely in claymation, showcasing some of the scares and monsters players will face off against in the DLC.

Check out the new High on Life DLC trailer below:

New Horrors Await in High on Knife

The new DLC, titled High On Knife, will see players explore a new, “spooky planet” filled with body horror, new enemies, and weapons. Actresses Gabourey Sidibe and Sarah Sherman also lend their voices to the game in the form of the new boss Mux, and the new gun, Harper, respectively.

“We really leaned into horror with High On Knife, so it only made sense to launch it around Halloween,” says Mike Fridley, Squanch’s Studio Director. “The DLC brings more goop, nastier body horror, creepier bosses, and all kinds of strange new stuff to the world we established with High On Life.”

Game Details

  • Title: High on Life DLC, High on Knife
  • Release Date: October 3, 2023
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC
  • Genre: Horror-themed

Main Features

Feature Description
New Setting Explore a spooky planet filled with eerie environments and chilling atmosphere.
Body Horror Experience grotesque and unsettling transformations of characters and creatures.
New Enemies Battle against deadly adversaries lurking in the shadows.
New Weapons Equip yourself with a variety of unique and powerful tools to fight off the horrors.
Voice Acting Actresses Gabourey Sidibe and Sarah Sherman bring their talents to the game as the new boss Mux and the new gun, Harper, respectively.
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With High on Knife’s release just around the corner, players can prepare for an immersive and terrifying experience like never before. Squanch Games has taken the horror genre to new heights with their focus on body horror and unsettling visuals. The addition of new enemies and weapons will provide fresh challenges, while the talented voice acting of Gabourey Sidibe and Sarah Sherman adds a compelling narrative layer to the game. Mark your calendars for October 3, 2023, and get ready to delve into the unsettling world of High on Knife.

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