Trombone Champ Gets A New Update On Switch, Here's What's Included
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Here’s What’s Included in the New Update for Trombone Champ on Switch

Trombone Champ Receives Exciting Update on Nintendo Switch

The popular music rhythm game Trombone Champ has just received a new update on the Nintendo Switch, bringing it to Version 1.21A. This update not only includes bug fixes and improvements but also introduces two new tracks, expanding the game’s content and enhancing the player experience.

Developed by Holy Wow Studios, Trombone Champ has quickly gained a following for its unique gameplay and hilarious premise. Players take on the role of a trombone player and must hit the right notes to progress through various songs and challenges.

New Content

The highlight of this update is undoubtedly the addition of two new tracks: “Down By The Riverside” and “The Barber of Seville.” These tracks were previously missing from the Nintendo Switch version but are now available, bringing the game in line with the PC and Mac versions.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the new tracks, the update also addresses several issues that players have encountered since the game’s launch. Some of the notable bug fixes and improvements include:

  • Fixing a black screen issue when failing to meet the conditions required to beat the final boss.
  • Correcting the letter grades in the Track Select screen for multiplayer mode.
  • Preventing the ability to sort tracks when “Warm Up” is the only option on the Track Select screen.
  • Resolving minor bugs related to switching between save slots.

These bug fixes and improvements aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience and ensure that players can enjoy Trombone Champ without any frustrating issues.

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Upcoming Features

Looking ahead, Holy Wow Studios has already teased some exciting features that will be included in the next update for Trombone Champ. These upcoming features include:

  • More control settings: Players will have the ability to customize the control settings further, including options for smoothing and alternate stick control methods.
  • The Trombone Customizer: This feature, already available in the PC and Mac versions, allows players to personalize their trombone by choosing colors and textures.
  • New content: Holy Wow Studios is keeping this a secret for now, but players can look forward to additional songs or challenges.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements to further enhance the gameplay experience.

With these upcoming features, Trombone Champ continues to evolve and provide players with new ways to enjoy the game.

If you’re a fan of rhythm games or simply looking for a fun and entertaining experience on your Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out Trombone Champ and take advantage of the latest update. The game’s unique concept, hilarious gameplay, and now expanded content make it a must-play for music game enthusiasts.

Have you tried out Trombone Champ yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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