GTA 5 Michael actor makes big claim about GTA 6
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GTA 5’s Michael Actor Drops Bombshell Revelation Regarding GTA 6

GTA 6: Ned Luke Confident About the Game’s Success

GTA 6: Ned Luke Confident About the Game’s Success

GTA 6 exists in a weird limbo state right now. We all know it’s coming. We have some idea that it’s set in Vice City. But official news from Rockstar regarding the new sandbox game is yet to arrive. As Grand Theft Auto 5 passes its ten-year anniversary (feel old yet?) the GTA 6 release date could be soon, could be not so soon. Nevertheless, when we finally pack our bags, leave Los Santos, and touch down in Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s going to be huge. Even GTA 5 Michael actor Ned Luke thinks so. The voice behind one of the most famous characters in gaming, Luke is nevertheless confident that GTA 6 will crush Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 6 Getting Closer

Although we’re still waiting on official word from Rockstar, GTA 6 somehow feels like it’s getting closer. With GTA 5’s tenth anniversary now behind us, it feels like the right time for an announcement.

Bryan Zampella’s Tease

Likewise, we recently got another tease from Bryan Zampella, the actor who is rumored to be voicing GTA 6’ co-protagonist Jason. In a recent video, Zampella appears with GTA 5 Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno, alongside a mysterious, unopened briefcase. It’s all very enigmatic. But Ned Luke, who plays Michael de Santa, is confident about one thing when it comes to GTA 6.

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GTA 6 Set to Crush Records

On its opening day on September 17, 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 generated around $800 million / £645 million in revenue, selling around 13 million copies and breaking game industry records. One of the best-selling games in history, Luke says that GTA 5 will be left in the dust by Grand Theft Auto 6. Replying to a tweet about Grand Theft Auto 5’s sales, the actor simply states “Six will blow those numbers outta the water.”

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GTA 5 Michael: A tweet from Ned Luke, the GTA 5 Michael actor, talking about Grand Theft Auto 6 sales

Potential for Michael in GTA Online

Luke also comments on the possibility of Michael appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online. “I just wish we could get some Michael content for GTA Online.” “Don’t we all wish,” Luke replies. “Still holding out for Michael DLC one day,” another Twitter user says. “Aren’t we all,” Luke responds.


So, while GTA 6 is the big one, it’d be nice to see Rockstar round off GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online with one last outing for Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. Either way, there’s a lot to look forward to GTA wise.

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