Review: Genki Shadowcast 2 - The Little Capture Card That Could
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Genki Shadowcast 2: An Impressive Capture Card That Surpasses Expectations – A Review

Genki Shadowcast 2: A Game-Changing Upgrade

Genki Shadowcast 2: A Game-Changing Upgrade

When the original Genki Shadowcast was released in 2021, it received a lukewarm reception due to its muddy compression and high latency. However, creator Human Things has listened to feedback and refreshed its range for 2023, resulting in a much-improved Genki Shadowcast 2 that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

The headline feature of the Shadowcast 2 is its ability to capture at 1080p / 60, a significant improvement over the 1080p / 30 capability of its predecessor. The device also offers USB 3.2 support, which provides ten times more bandwidth than the 2021 model. This means clearer capture, lower latency, and fewer compression artifacts, resulting in a better overall experience. However, it’s worth noting that the bundled USB 3.2 cable is shorter than the one that came with the original model, which may make setup slightly more cumbersome.

Genki Shadowcast 2
Compression is noticeably improved compared to the original Shadowcast from 2021 – Image: Genki Things

One of the standout improvements of the Shadowcast 2 is its image and video capture capabilities. With its significantly smaller form factor, it’s an ideal on-the-road capture device, especially for Switch gameplay streamers who don’t require 4K video. The reduced latency also makes it a great option for connecting your console to your laptop for gaming away from the TV, as input lag and frame rate drops are much less frequent compared to the original Shadowcast.

Genki Shadowcast 2
Shadowcast 2 can connect to any HDMI source – Image: Genki Things

The Genki Arcade software allows users to choose between “performance” and “resolution” modes. Performance mode prioritizes lower latency at the expense of image quality, while resolution mode is ideal for capturing images or footage. In both modes, the Shadowcast 2 offers a noticeable improvement in quality compared to its predecessor, although colors may still appear slightly muted when compared to more expensive capture cards.

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For those seeking a more comprehensive capture solution, Genki is also releasing the Shadowcast Pro as part of its 2023 range. However, the Shadowcast 2 provides a cost-effective alternative for those who don’t require the additional features of the Pro model.

At just $50, the Shadowcast 2 is an affordable and reliable capture option that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a content creator or a gamer looking to enhance your gaming experience, the Genki Shadowcast 2 is a game-changing upgrade that offers improved image quality, reduced latency, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

You can back the Shadowcast 2 on Kickstarter now to secure your own device.

Thanks to Human Things for providing us with the Genki Shadowcast 2 used in this review.

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