Forza Motorsport Receives High Praise In First Round Of 'Hands On' Previews
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Forza Motorsport’s Impressive Features and Gameplay Receives Rave Reviews in First Round of ‘Hands On’ Previews

Forza Motorsport Previews Reveal Excitement Among Gaming Community

Forza Motorsport Previews Reveal Excitement Among Gaming Community

As the release date for Forza Motorsport approaches, gaming enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the highly anticipated Xbox racer. Various outlets have recently had the opportunity to get hands-on with the game, and the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Impressions from Across the Web

Multiple sources have shared their initial impressions of Forza Motorsport, giving players a glimpse into what they can expect from the upcoming title. Here are some highlights:

  • “This could just be the racing game of this generation – time will tell.”
  • “The new gameplay systems and mechanics offer minor but impactful changes.”
  • “Thoughtful tweaks to the moment-to-moment racing have me the most interested.”
  • “Forza Motorsport is feeling great, and we look forward to completing our run on Builders Cup and testing some online gameplay in time for our review.”
  • “Xbox is poised to secure two massive victories at the close of 2023 with Turn 10 Studios’ impending masterpiece.”
  • “This looks and plays tantalizingly like the racing game I’ve wanted Forza to become forever.”
  • “Bold structural choices about how to tie all this together, which may or may not pay off — but at least this time, those choices are all about what happens on the track.”

These early impressions indicate that Forza Motorsport is on track to meet the high expectations of players.

A Focus on Circuit Motorsport Culture and Car Development

One notable aspect highlighted by the previews is the game’s shift in focus. Forza Motorsport aims to capture the essence of circuit motorsport culture and prioritize car development over a vast garage. This change in direction has resonated positively among players, igniting further excitement for the upcoming release.

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Release Details

Forza Motorsport is set to officially release on October 10th as part of the Xbox Game Pass. However, players will have an early access version available on October 5th, similar to the launch of Starfield. Both the release date and inclusion in the Game Pass subscription model have generated considerable anticipation among gamers.


The early previews of Forza Motorsport have reaffirmed its potential as a top-tier racing game. With its focus on circuit motorsport culture and engaging gameplay systems, the game has captivated the attention of both racing game enthusiasts and the wider gaming community. As the release date draws near, many players are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience Turn 10 Studios’ latest masterpiece.

What are your thoughts on the Forza Motorsport previews? Share your excitement and expectations in the comments below!

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