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Quest Soon to Receive Mixed Reality Support in Synth Riders Update

Synth Riders to Receive Mixed Reality Support on Quest 3

Exciting news for fans of rhythm games and virtual reality! Synth Riders, one of VR’s most popular titles, is set to receive mixed reality support in an upcoming update. The developers, Kluge Interactive, teased this new feature with a short gameplay snippet on Twitter. The update will bring Synth Riders into your living room on the Quest 3 headset, creating an immersive experience like never before.

The tweet posted by Synth Riders showcases the mixed reality functionality, which involves slicing open a part of your wall to create a portal. Through this portal, the vibrant and energetic world of Synth Riders will emerge, allowing you to truly feel like you’re a part of the game. The video clip shared is only 20 seconds long, but it gives us a glimpse of the potential that mixed reality brings to this popular VR rhythm game.

Quest 3, the latest iteration of Oculus’ VR headset, will launch soon, and with it, many titles will be receiving updates specifically tailored for the new hardware. Synth Riders is just one of several games that will be taking advantage of the Quest 3’s capabilities, not only through mixed reality features but also through visual upgrades.

A Consistently Updated VR Gem

Synth Riders has gained a reputation for being one of the most frequently updated titles in the VR gaming world. The developers, Kluge Interactive, are constantly working on delivering fresh content to players, both free and paid. Recently, they released new sets of synthwave tracks for free, as well as music packs featuring popular artists like Gorillaz for purchase.

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Furthermore, in an interview, Kluge Interactive confirmed that they are exploring hand tracking support for Synth Riders. This additional feature would further enhance the gameplay experience, allowing players to interact with the game using just their hands, without the need for controllers.

Anticipating the Update

While the exact timing of the Synth Riders update is still unknown, Kluge Interactive has assured fans that it will be coming soon. Hopefully, it will coincide with the launch of the Quest 3, creating a seamless transition for players eager to jump into the immersive world of Synth Riders.

With the introduction of mixed reality, Synth Riders is set to revolutionize how players experience rhythm games in virtual reality. The fusion of the virtual and real worlds promises to create an unparalleled sense of presence and immersion.


The upcoming mixed reality support for Synth Riders on the Quest 3 is an exciting development for VR enthusiasts. Kluge Interactive’s dedication to continually updating the game with fresh content and new features showcases their commitment to delivering the best possible experience to players.

Whether you’re a fan of rhythm games or simply looking to dive into the world of virtual reality, keep an eye out for the Synth Riders update on Quest 3. Get ready to slice open your walls and step into an immersive gameplay experience like no other.

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