Stardew Valley fans rejoice, we’re getting a brand-new farm and more
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Exciting News for Stardew Valley Fans: A New Farm and More Await!

Exciting Sneak Peek of Stardew Valley 1.6 Update

Exciting Sneak Peek of Stardew Valley 1.6 Update

Stardew Valley is possibly my favorite game of all time, with its uncontested cozy vibes and top-tier wholesome aesthetic. The art is brilliant, the writing is great, and I always find myself never wanting to leave the game’s small town. One of the most exciting things about Stardew Valley is the fact that ConcernedApe, the game’s sole creator and developer, often releases updates with new content. With the 1.6 update on the horizon, he has just revealed a sneak peek containing some of its features.

Expanding the World of Stardew Valley

There are already hundreds of hours worth of content within Stardew Valley’s bright, colorful world. From fishing to romance, this farming game hits every chill gamer’s note. If you’re a Stardew stan yourself, then you’re likely excited about the upcoming 1.6 content. While we didn’t know much about what to expect before, especially as it sounded quite small initially, we sure do now and it’s definitely anything but a minor update.

ConcernedApe is no stranger to mysterious reveals. He recently showed off some old Stardew Valley music and tracks that never made it into the game. His latest post is all about 1.6, and reads as a “content sneak peek.” The developer does clarify that there is “no release date yet,” but the information provided is downright exciting. Starting with a new major festival and two new mini-festivals, the list of upcoming content packs quite the punch.

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Stardew Valley post from ConernedApe with sneak peek of 1.6 update

Expanding Late-Game Content

The dev goes on to reveal new late-game content, saying it “expands on each of the skill areas.” He also says in the sneak-peek post that new items and crafting recipes are underway, which probably means new achievements. ConcernedApe also adds some incentive to hop into a Joja playthrough, alluding to new end-game quest alternatives. Alongside these quests are over a hundred new dialogue lines and snazzy winter outfits for villagers.

Multiplayer Enhancements

It gets even better, though. Billboard requests will offer a new type of reward. Plus, you’ll get to complete these with four extra players as the multiplayer limit is going up to eight. The dev also reveals a brand-new farm type (I’m screaming), new secrets, and a variety of other “small additions and adjustments.” Y’all, I need a launch date pronto or I’ll explode.

Passing the Time Before 1.6

If you’re searching for something to play ahead of the 1.6 update, be sure to browse through our line-up of the best games like Stardew Valley. They’re just as wholesome as ConcernedApe’s creation and are a great way to pass the wait. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our favorite relaxing games for some more chill, low-stress gameplay experiences.

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