Box Art Brawl - Duel: New Super Mario Bros.
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Duel: New Super Mario Bros. – Box Art Brawl

New Super Mario Bros. Box Art: A Battle of Regions

When it comes to video game box art, different regions often have their own unique designs. The box art for New Super Mario Bros. is no exception, with Europe, Japan, and North America each showcasing their own take on the iconic plumber. In a poll conducted by Nintendo Life, fans were asked to vote for their favorite box art design. Let’s take a closer look at each region’s design and see which one came out on top.

Europe / Japan

New Super Mario Bros. - EU / JP
Image: Nintendo

The European and Japanese box art for New Super Mario Bros. takes a safe approach, featuring Mario and Luigi in their classic jumping pose. The iconic brothers are front and center, surrounded by various enemies that make the stage look a bit crowded. Notably, the pose of the Koopa Troopa hints at their famous ‘bah bah’ dance move that would later become a staple in the series. This box art perfectly captures the essence of a classic Mario game, letting players know exactly what to expect.

North America

New Super Mario Bros. - NA
Image: Nintendo

In North America, the box art for New Super Mario Bros. takes a slightly different approach. While Mario and Luigi are still front and center, there’s a major twist. Mario is shown in his giant form, thanks to the introduction of the Mega Mushroom in this game. This box art aims to surprise players and let them know that this isn’t just another standard Mario game. While the game itself didn’t revolutionize the series, this box art does a great job of showcasing the “newness” of the “New” franchise.

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The Verdict: Which Box Art Reigns Supreme?

After thousands of votes from fans, the results are in:

Region Votes Percentage
Europe / Japan 898 42%
North America 1,229 58%

With 58% of the votes, the North American box art takes the crown as the fan-favorite. Despite its departure from the traditional Mario style, the giant Mario on the cover clearly made an impression on players. It’s interesting to see how different regions have their own preferences when it comes to box art design.

Whether you prefer the classic European/Japanese design or the bold North American twist, one thing is for sure – New Super Mario Bros. is a beloved game no matter where you are in the world. So, next time you pick up a copy, take a moment to appreciate the box art that represents the Mario adventure awaiting inside.

Thanks for voting! Stay tuned for more Box Art Brawls and let us know your thoughts on other game box art designs.

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