Box Art Brawl - Duel: Yoshi's Cookie
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Box Art Brawl – Yoshi’s Cookie Duel

Yoshi’s Cookie Box Art: A Battle of Regions

Yoshi’s Cookie, the beloved puzzle game featuring everyone’s favorite dinosaur, has been released with different box art designs in different regions. The variations in the box art have sparked a debate among fans, with each region having its own unique charm. Let’s take a closer look at the box art designs and see which one comes out on top.

Europe / North America

Yoshi's Cookie - EU / NA
Image: Nintendo

In the European and North American version of Yoshi’s Cookie, the box art showcases Yoshi in the spotlight. Against a dark blue background, Yoshi can be seen “Mlem-ing” the cookies from out of mid-air. The logo is prominently displayed in the top left corner, with a cute Yoshi egg replacing the letter ‘O’. While the design is nice, it may not be the most striking of box arts.


Yoshi's Cookie - Japan
Image: Nintendo

Japan’s variant of Yoshi’s Cookie takes on a brighter and more comforting vibe. Yoshi is once again using his tongue to eat the cookies, but this time, he is shown eating them out of a cookie tin, in addition to the cookies falling from above. The white background makes the image stand out, and the overall design has a more retro aesthetic that fans are loving.

Which Region Got the Best Box Art?

A poll was conducted to determine which region’s box art was favored by fans. Here are the results:

Region Votes Percentage
North America / Europe 127 21%
Japan 464 79%

With a staggering 79% of the votes, the box art from the Japanese version of Yoshi’s Cookie emerged as the clear winner. Fans appreciated the brighter and more retro aesthetic, as well as the unique depiction of Yoshi enjoying the cookies.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll! Stay tuned for more exciting Box Art Brawls in the future.

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