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: December 5 Release of Factions, Detailed Locations on PS5 and PS4

# A Brand-New Location to be Unveiled in Fallout 76’s Atlantic City Update

*Original Title: “Fallout 76’s Atlantic City Update Introduces a Brand-New Location”*

Fallout 76 players are getting ready to embark on a new adventure as a brand-new location is set to be unveiled in the upcoming Atlantic City update. On December 5, players will have the opportunity to step onto the boardwalks of New Jersey and explore a never-before-seen part of Fallout’s post-nuclear world.

## Journey to an All-New Fallout Location

The latest addition to Fallout 76’s Expeditions series takes players outside the borders of Appalachia, offering them a chance to discover new and exciting areas. Last year, the Expeditions feature introduced players to the remnants of Pre-War Pittsburgh in a location known as The Pitt. Now, the developers wanted to give players an experience that felt completely different from The Pitt.

“A classic, fan-favorite location was the starting point with The Pitt. When we looked for the next location, we wanted it to be as different as possible from The Pitt and Appalachia,” explains Joshua Moretto, the lead quest designer.

A coastal gambling town in Atlantic City provides the perfect change of scenery, giving Fallout fans a glimpse into a new post-nuclear world. Moretto, a native New Jerseyan, expresses his excitement about bringing his home state to the world of Fallout. Atlantic City became the ideal setting for this new expedition.

## Empires on the Boardwalk

Atlantic City’s prosperity comes at a price, as power struggles between three major factions create a delicate balance. The Municipal Government keeps the infrastructure, including electricity and running water, functioning in the city. Another faction, known as The Family, operates organized crime rackets, while The Showmen are a guild of chaotic entertainers.

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According to Moretto, each of the three Expeditions in Atlantic City will require players to work closely with one of these factions to help them achieve their primary goals. The first release will feature two Expeditions, while the second release will include one more Expedition along with various quests to be completed in Atlantic City.

Despite the city’s dependence on cooperation between these factions, tensions run high. The Municipal Government relies on The Family’s supply of vices and The Showmen’s attractions, which range from magic tricks to thrilling (and sometimes deadly) spectacles.

## There is something in the Pines

While internal rivalries dominate the factions’ interactions, a greater threat looms on the horizon. Atlantic City finds itself on the verge of being cut off as the dense forests of the New Jersey Pine Barrens encroach upon the city’s borders.

The aftermath of the Great War has allowed the barrens to reclaim territory, and bizarre mutated creatures are emerging deep within the heart of the Pine Barrens. This poses a significant challenge for the vault dwellers and adds an element of danger to their exploration of Atlantic City.

## An Exciting Update for Fallout 76 Players

The Atlantic City update for Fallout 76 is set to be released on December 5 and will be available for free to all players. Whether players are eager to explore a new part of the Fallout universe, align themselves with the factions of Atlantic City, or simply take a chance and see what happens, this update promises exciting new gameplay experiences.

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Fallout 76 is available for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, allowing players to immerse themselves in the post-nuclear world of Appalachia. So get ready to pack your bags and prepare for an adventure on the boardwalks of Atlantic City in the upcoming Fallout 76 update.

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