Random: Seeing This Funky Text On Your Xbox? Here's What It Means
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What Does This Funky Text on Your Xbox Mean? Find Out Now!

Xbox Displaying Strange Font on Dashboard and UI: It’s All About “Pseudo-Loc”

Have you recently noticed a peculiar font on your Xbox dashboard and throughout the user interface? Well, you’re not alone! Many Xbox Insider members have reported seeing this strange text, but fret not, as there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

The Mystery Behind “Pseudo-Loc”

The font you’re seeing is what experts call “pseudo-loc”, which usually appears when text has not been fully localized for a specific region. However, in this case, it seems to be a bug rather than an intentional localization issue.

The Xbox Insider team shed some light on pseudo-loc a few years back, explaining that during the preview phase, updates and features are still a work in progress. As a result, the console may display text that hasn’t been fully adapted to your language and region settings.

According to the team, “What you’re looking at is what is commonly known as ‘pseudo-loc’ or text that has yet to be localized for the specific language/region you have your console set to display.”

Reports from Xbox Insider Members

Several recent examples shared by Xbox Insider members on Reddit highlight the strange font phenomenon. These examples depict how the text on the Xbox dashboard and UI appears distorted and unfamiliar.

Reddit Post User Posted in
Can anybody tell me what’s going on here? Why does it look this way? u/PlatyNumb /r/xboxone
Has anyone seen this before? u/bdpdanny /r/xbox

Exclusive to Xbox Insider Members

The good news is that this font glitch seems to be limited to Xbox Insider members who are actively testing upcoming updates and features before they are ready for general release. If you’re experiencing this issue, it could be helpful to utilize the “Report a Problem” feature on your console to alert Microsoft to the bug.

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Rest assured, the Xbox Insider team is aware of this pseudo-loc occurrence and will address it accordingly. It’s not a cause for concern or a sign of your console being haunted. Your Xbox is safe and will continue to function perfectly!


If you’ve encountered this mysterious font on your Xbox dashboard and UI, don’t panic. It’s simply a case of pseudo-loc, indicating that certain text has yet to be fully localized or finalized for your language and region. As an Xbox Insider member, you may occasionally come across these minor glitches, but rest assured that they will be rectified. Remember to use the “Report a Problem” feature to provide valuable feedback to the Xbox team. Happy gaming!

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