Toast Stretches Its VR Legs From Planks To Platformers
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Toast Broadens Its VR Horizons from Planks to Platformers

Riccie’s Plank Experience Developers Toast Interactive Unveil New VR Platformer: Max Mustard

In a surprising shift from their previous release, Toast Interactive, the Australia-based studio behind the highly acclaimed VR game Ricie’s Plank Experience, has announced their latest project: Max Mustard. This upcoming VR platformer combines elements of both first and third-person gameplay, setting it apart from their previous work and marking an exciting new direction for the studio.

From the moment I stepped into the world of Max Mustard at Gamescom, it was evident that this game was a labor of love. The attention to detail and stunning visuals immediately draw you in, while the gameplay draws inspiration from popular VR platformers like Astro Bot, Moss, and Lucky’s Tale, while still managing to carve out its own unique identity.

Max Mustard
Richie’s Plank Devs Reveal New VR Platformer Max Mustard

What’s interesting about Max Mustard is that it doesn’t feel like a game created solely to cater to existing fans of Ricie’s Plank Experience. Instead, it showcases the studio’s genuine passion for pushing the boundaries of VR gaming and delivering a high-quality experience that stands on its own merits. It remains to be seen how much crossover there will be between fans of Ricie’s Plank and Max Mustard, but one thing is clear: Toast is focused on delivering something exceptional.

Exploring the VR Platforming Genre

The VR platforming genre is currently at a turning point, with different approaches emerging. Games like Gorilla Tag have popularized first-person VR platforming experiences, while titles like Astro Bot and Lucky’s Tale take a more traditional approach, adapting third-person platforming mechanics for VR.

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VR Platformer
Max Mustard takes a unique approach to VR platforming, combining third-person and first-person gameplay elements.

Max Mustard falls into the latter category, but it brings its own innovations to the table. The game seamlessly blends third-person stick-based platforming with first-person elements that influence the world and create new pathways. In the trailer, we see the player using VR motion controls to wield tools like a plunger gun, showcasing the potential for interactive and dynamic gameplay.

In addition to its gameplay mechanics, Max Mustard reimagines traditional platformer conventions. Collectible coins, for example, hold value beyond mere points, as they can be used to unlock upgrades and new abilities for the protagonist, Max. The third-person camera also dynamically moves with Max, providing a more immersive and engaging experience.

Max Mustard Gameplay
Max Mustard offers a visually stunning experience with vibrant and playful environments.

Based on the level I experienced at Gamescom, it seems that Max Mustard leans more toward accessibility and enjoyment rather than hardcore difficulty. However, with 40 levels in the campaign, there is the potential for increasingly challenging gameplay as the game progresses.

A Passionate Creative Journey

One of the most notable aspects of Max Mustard is the evident passion behind its development. Toast Interactive has gone above and beyond to create an immersive and visually stunning world that surpasses the more simplistic presentation of Ricie’s Plank Experience. With Max Mustard, the studio is not content with resting on their laurels; instead, they are determined to challenge themselves creatively and expand their gameplay horizons.

It is impressive to see Toast Interactive take risks and pursue new directions in VR gaming. The resulting experience promises to be a feast for the senses, with breathtaking visuals and inventive gameplay mechanics. The game’s third-person perspective provides a unique viewpoint that allows players to soak in the beauty of the world while engaging in thrilling platforming challenges.

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Max Mustard is set to release on VR platforms early next year, and based on the promising glimpse I had at Gamescom, it’s definitely a title worth watching out for. With its innovative blend of first and third-person gameplay, stunning visuals, and the studio’s evident dedication to pushing the boundaries of VR gaming, Max Mustard looks set to make its mark in the platforming genre.

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