Hellsweeper VR Review: Visceral, Versatile VR Violence
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Review of Hellsweeper VR: Immersive and Multifaceted Virtual Reality Mayhem

Hellsweeper VR Review: Intense Combat on Quest, PS VR2, and PC VR


Hellsweeper, the latest VR game from Mixed Realms, has finally arrived, promising intense combat and a unique gaming experience. As a spiritual successor to the popular Cyber-Ninja slash-fest Sairento, Hellsweeper offers a blend of Mortal Kombat, Sairento, Naruto, and Airbender, promising an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the world of Hellsweeper and see if it lives up to the hype.

Hellsweeper VR – The Facts

Here are some key details about Hellsweeper:

– Platforms: Quest, PC VR, PSVR 2 (Review conducted on Quest 2)
– Release Date: Out now
– Developer: Mixed Realms
– Price: $29.99

Clean Sweep

Hellsweeper is a roguelike game with a minimalistic narrative. The world of Hell is overflowing, and it’s up to the player, an undead immortal, to battle hordes of demons and prevent them from invading other realms. Each “sweep” consists of three acts, each filled with combat scenes inspired by the seven deadly sins. The combat itself is addictively varied and satisfying, with the added challenge of defeating monstrous bosses to unlock new skills and weapons.

Hella Good

Hellsweeper offers a wide range of weapons and powers, allowing players to customize their combat style. From guns to swords, bows to magic, the game offers a diverse selection of tools for players to wreak havoc with. The gameplay is fast-paced, chaotic, and action-packed, rivaling any other combat experience in VR. While the initial complexity may be overwhelming, mastering the mechanics rewards players with tightly choreographed carnage.

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Hell Bent

One of Hellsweeper’s greatest strengths is its ability to change gameplay across multiple sweeps. Different weapons and skills can completely alter your approach, forcing you to adapt and adopt new playstyles. However, the progression system can be a bit linear, with rewards being unlocked solely based on XP. This can make progress feel slow for casual players, but skilled warriors who tackle higher difficulties can unlock content at a quicker pace.

The Gates of Hell

In addition to the core roguelike mode, Hellsweeper offers Training Mode, where players can fine-tune their combat style with specific loadouts and enemy combinations. There is also an unlockable Challenge Mode, designed to be an ultimate test of skills. However, the multiplayer mode feels underdeveloped, limiting co-op play to a single act.

Hell Hath No Fury

While Hellsweeper’s visuals are generally decent, there are moments where the limitations of the hardware are evident. On the Quest 2, the game may sacrifice texture quality to maintain performance, resulting in occasional visual muddiness. The sound design does a decent job of keeping up with the action but lacks some refinement.


Hellsweeper’s intense gameplay relies on a range of artificial locomotion options, which may require players with weaker VR legs to adjust. Comfort options, such as snap turn and teleport movement, are available but significantly change the nature of the gameplay. This is a game designed for players seeking the most intense VR experience.

Hellsweeper VR Review – Final Verdict

Hellsweeper VR is a masterclass in virtual violence, offering an intense combat experience like no other. With its wide range of weapons, addictive gameplay mechanics, and challenging progression system, it is a must-play for VR enthusiasts. However, the visual differences between platforms should be considered, as our review was based on the Quest 2. So, dive into the underworld of Hellsweeper and prepare for a hell of a good time.

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