Paper Beast Crafts An Enhanced Edition On PSVR 2 Next Week
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Next Week, Paper Beast Crafts an Enhanced Edition on PSVR 2

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition Coming to PSVR 2: A Spectacular Journey into a Surreal Ecosystem

Paper Beast, the mesmerizing virtual reality adventure game from Pixel Reef, is set to return with an enhanced edition exclusively for the highly anticipated PSVR 2 headset. Released initially in 2020 on the original PSVR and PC VR platforms, this unique and immersive experience will make its way to the next-generation PSVR 2, as well as the flatscreen edition on PS5.

In Paper Beast, players enter a surreal world filled with origami-like creatures and embark on a captivating journey through a large and vibrant virtual ecosystem. With the Enhanced Edition, developers have promised improved visuals with HDR support, smooth locomotion movement, and an expanded sandbox filled with even more creatures and plants to discover.

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition on PSVR 2

When Paper Beast first arrived, it immediately caught the attention of gamers and critics alike. In our review of the game, we described it as an “amazing technical showcase for PSVR” and praised its “authentic” virtual ecosystem that felt like a living, breathing entity.

“It is a game not content with just one miracle, be it the authentic, almost documentarian approach to a virtual ecosystem, nor the technical milestones such a feat requires. Even its set of puzzles somehow emerge as a remarkably natural extension of its core themes and systems, creating a cohesive and curiously precious VR game to be preserved and savored.”

The upcoming Paper Beast Enhanced Edition is slated for release on September 27 for both PSVR 2 and PS5, priced at $24.99. However, players who already own the game on the original PSVR will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Enhanced Edition on PSVR 2 for a discounted price of $4.99.

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A Crossbuy Discount for Original Owners

Pixel Reef recognizes the value and loyalty of its existing player base and is offering a reduced price for an upgrade to the Enhanced Edition. By providing a crossbuy discount, the developers are ensuring that players can continue their journey seamlessly from the original PSVR to the immersive world of the enhanced version on PSVR 2.

With this crossbuy discount, those who have already experienced Paper Beast on their PSVR will be able to take full advantage of the enhanced visuals and expanded content in the upcoming release. It’s a fantastic opportunity to revisit and rediscover the wonders of this extraordinary virtual ecosystem.

Availability and Final Thoughts

For those eager to dive into the captivating world of Paper Beast, the game is currently available on PSVR and SteamVR. However, if you’re planning to experience the game in its full glory with improved visuals and expanded features, the wait for the Enhanced Edition on PSVR 2 and PS5 is well worth it.

Paper Beast takes players on an awe-inspiring journey through a virtual ecosystem that is both enchanting and thought-provoking. With its unique art style, immersive gameplay, and now enhanced for the next-generation PSVR 2, it promises to be a truly unforgettable adventure.

Mark your calendars for September 27, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of Paper Beast.

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