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New PS5 Owners in USA Can Now Claim a Free Game – Here is How!

Exclusive Free Game Offer for Recent PS5 Purchasers!

Seize Your Complimentary Game by October 20!

For those residing in the US and acquiring a PlayStation 5 console between now and October 20, 2023, a delightful surprise awaits! You are eligible to claim a complimentary PS5 digital game of your preference. This fresh and exciting deal is available to anyone who has or will purchase the console starting September 20. It’s a splendid opportunity, especially for those planning to get a PS5 before the exclusive launch of Spider-Man 2 on the console. Keep this offer on your radar!

Eligible Free Digital PS5 Games

This special offer is exclusively for new PS5 owners who activate their console post-September 20. Unfortunately, long-time PS5 owners won’t be able to partake in this deal.

However, for newcomers to the PS5 family, a diverse array of games is available for free. The choices are abundant, from the iconic The Last of Us Part 1 to the critically acclaimed God of War: Ragnarok.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered
  • God of War: Ragnarok
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut
  • Rachet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Demon’s Souls
  • The Last of Us: Part 1
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • Returnal
  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
  • Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

PS5 Disc Edition Console

Comes with a complimentary PS5 game!
Price: $499.00
Available on Amazon

How to Claim Your Free Game

  1. Purchase and Activate Your PS5 Console: Secure and activate your new PS5 console. Check it out on Amazon for $499.
  2. Access the PlayStation Store: Once activated, visit the PlayStation Store directly from your console.
  3. Spot the Promotional Banner: Look for the promotional banner and click on it to view the eligible games.
  4. Choose Your Game: Select a game from the list that catches your fancy.
  5. Initiate the Download: Hit the ‘Download’ button to start downloading your chosen game.
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Remember to purchase and activate your PS5 console by October 20, 2023, to avail of this offer. The digital game must also be redeemed on the activated console by the same date.

This exclusive deal is the latest addition to a series of remarkable PS5 offers we’ve witnessed lately. It follows the buzz surrounding the rumored PS5 ‘Slim’ and ‘Pro’ models. Microsoft has speculated a price tag of around $399.99 for the slim console during the recent FTC v. Microsoft hearing. Recent leaks have also revealed Xbox’s plans for mid-gen console upgrades.

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