Artist Reimagines Squirtle As a Ground/Poison-Type Pokemon

Ground/Poison-Type Pokemon: Squirtle Reimagined by an Artist

Pokemon Fan Creates Unique Ground/Poison-Type Squirtle Design

A Pokemon fan has taken their love for the franchise to the next level by creating a unique version of Squirtle, one of the beloved starter Pokemon from Generation 1. This fan art showcases Squirtle as a Ground/Poison-type, completely transforming its appearance and giving it a broken shell and tar-like features.

Positive Feedback from the Pokemon Community

The fan artist, known as ProfAlmond, shared their alternate element starter Pokemon fan art on a popular forum and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. Many fans expressed their interest in seeing more of these creative designs, showing their appreciation for the artist’s talent and imagination.

ProfAlmond’s Squirtle design, named “Dirt-le the dirty Pokemon,” features a broken carapace, a purple color scheme, and tar-like oil spills on its hands, feet, tail, and mouth. The artist’s attention to detail and the unique interpretation of the Ground/Poison elements have captivated the Pokemon fanbase.

Continuing the Alternate Element Fan Art

Building on the success of their Squirtle design, ProfAlmond has expressed their plans to create more alternate element fan art. They are considering exploring the evolved forms of the starters and even Pokemon from other generations. With so many starter Pokemon and a vast array of creatures to choose from, the artist has a wealth of inspiration to draw from for their future projects.

The community is eagerly awaiting the artist’s next creation and has already started discussing which starter Pokemon from different generations they would like to see with alternative element types.

Engaging with the Pokemon Community

ProfAlmond actively engages with the Pokemon community on the Reddit thread, responding to comments and discussing their future plans. They have expressed their enthusiasm for creating more alternate element fan art and are grateful for the overwhelming support and encouragement they have received.

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The artist’s commitment to interacting with fans and taking their feedback into consideration ensures that their future creations will continue to resonate with the Pokemon community.


ProfAlmond’s unique Ground/Poison-type Squirtle design has captured the attention and admiration of Pokemon fans worldwide. The artist’s creative interpretation of the beloved starter Pokemon showcases their talent and passion for the franchise.

With plans to continue creating alternate element fan art, ProfAlmond’s future projects hold the promise of further captivating the Pokemon community. Fans eagerly anticipate the artist’s next creation and look forward to seeing their favorite Pokemon reimagined in exciting and unexpected ways.

For more updates on fan creations and the latest news in the world of Pokemon, stay tuned!

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