Why Titanfall 2 Is Back in the News, and Why Fans Think Respawn Is Plotting Something
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Fans Speculate Respawn’s Secret Plans as Titanfall 2 Makes a Comeback in the Media

The Resurgence of Titanfall 2 in the Media: Fans Speculate

The Resurgence of Titanfall 2 in the Media: Fans Speculate

Titanfall 2, the much-loved first-person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment, is making a comeback on PC. The game’s community recently noticed an update that appears to have resolved long-standing matchmaking issues, leading to a renewed interest in the game.

Matchmaking Issues Addressed

Earlier this month, the Titanfall community on Reddit reported that the game had received an update that significantly reduced disconnects players experienced while searching for a match. This update has been widely welcomed by the community, as Titanfall 2 has been plagued with matchmaking issues for years.

Surge in Player Numbers

Despite the absence of an official announcement from Respawn Entertainment or publisher EA, Titanfall 2 has seen a surge in player numbers on the Steam platform. On September 17, the game reached a peak of 23,234 concurrent players, placing it comfortably in Steam’s top 100 most popular games.

Deals and Discounts

The current surge in Titanfall 2’s player base may also be attributed to various deals and discounts. Steam recently offered a 90% discount on the game, which contributed to its increased popularity. However, this sale ends today, September 18.

Potential Titanfall Easter Egg in Apex Legends

Fans of the Titanfall franchise have been speculating about the possibility of Respawn Entertainment having something in store for its dormant franchise. Recently, an Easter egg related to Titanfall was discovered in the patch notes of Apex Legends, another popular game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The Easter egg includes three numerical codes that correspond to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

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Code Release Date
1394521200 Titanfall
1477638000 Titanfall 2
1549267200 Apex Legends

While the meaning behind these codes is not explicitly stated, fans quickly deciphered that they represent Unix timestamps of the respective game releases. This discovery has fueled further speculation and anticipation among the Titanfall community.

Possible Future Content or Events

The recent revelation of the Titanfall Easter egg in Apex Legends has sparked hope that Respawn Entertainment may have plans for the Titanfall franchise. Although it seems unlikely that a full-fledged Titanfall 3 is in the works, given the success of Apex Legends, fans are eagerly awaiting any Titanfall-related content or events in the popular battle royale game. In the meantime, Titanfall 2 enthusiasts are relishing the opportunity to enjoy the game’s signature wall-running mechanics once again.

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