Elden Ring Fan Makes Gorgeous Walking Mausoleum Replica

Elden Ring Enthusiast Crafts Stunning Replica of Walking Mausoleum

Elden Ring Fan Creates Stunning Walking Mausoleum Replica

Walking Mausoleum Replica

An Elden Ring fan has showcased their incredible talent and love for the game by creating a breathtaking replica of a Walking Mausoleum featured in the game. Elden Ring, released in 2022, has captivated players with its immersive world and challenging gameplay.

Impressive Fan Artwork

Elden Ring fans have expressed their adoration for the game through various forms of artwork, including paintings and sculptures that depict memorable bosses and locations. One fan recently caught the attention of the community by sharing their remarkable replica of a Walking Mausoleum.

The Walking Mausoleum is a significant element in Elden Ring, and the fan’s replica perfectly captures its intricate design and attention to detail. The images shared on Reddit showcase the replica’s accuracy, with zoomed-in shots highlighting the level of craftsmanship involved.

Praise from the Community

The fan’s creation has received overwhelming praise from the Elden Ring community. Many users in the comments section have expressed their awe at the replica’s stunning appearance and commend the creator’s dedication and skill. Some fans even playfully imitate the sound the Walking Mausoleum makes in the game, further emphasizing the authenticity of the replica.

Interest in Purchasing

Several players have expressed interest in purchasing the Walking Mausoleum replica, eagerly asking about its price. However, the creator, known as DogIsDead777, is unsure of its value due to the extensive time and effort invested in its creation. The five-month-long project involved working with pink insulation board, cardboard, and a Vietnamese plastic take-out bowl to achieve the desired result.

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Unique In-Game Feature

The Walking Mausoleum holds significance within the Elden Ring game mechanics. Players can bring down these structures by breaking the skulls attached to their feet. This action unlocks a unique feature that allows players to duplicate Remembrances earned by defeating major bosses. The ability to obtain multiple rewards instead of choosing between weapons or spells proves invaluable in the game’s progression.


The Walking Mausoleum replica created by an Elden Ring fan showcases the immense talent and dedication within the gaming community. The attention to detail and accuracy of the replica have garnered praise from fellow players, sparking interest in potential buyers. However, the creator is uncertain about its value due to the significant time investment required for its creation.

Elden Ring continues to captivate gamers with its immersive world and challenging gameplay. The availability of the game on multiple platforms ensures a wide audience can experience its unique blend of action and adventure.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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