Ahsoka steals from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans love it

Ahsoka steals from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans love it

In the vast expanse of fantasy and science fiction, few characters have left as indelible a mark as Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkien‘s “The Lord of the Rings” and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars universe. The recent episodes of the Star Wars series have unveiled intriguing parallels between these two, leading to a delightful fusion that fans of both universes are celebrating.

Ahsoka’s Resonating Echoes of Gandalf

Gandalf’s metamorphosis from the Grey to the White is a cornerstone of Tolkien’s narrative. In a similar vein, the Star Wars series showcases Ahsoka Tano’s transformative odyssey. Following a fierce duel that sees Ahsoka defeated and cast off a cliff, she finds herself in the enigmatic “world between worlds.” Here, she reunites with her erstwhile mentor, Anakin Skywalker, confronting her past and the lessons awaiting her.

Ahsoka steals from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans love it

Ahsoka’s journey, reminiscent of Gandalf’s fall and subsequent resurgence, is a tale of self-realization, redemption, and empowerment. The series uses poignant visual symbolism to underscore Ahsoka’s evolution into a character of greater wisdom and might.

Deliberate Parallels and Fan Euphoria

Dave Filoni, the series’ visionary, has candidly recognized the deliberate likenesses between Ahsoka and Gandalf. Even before the series’ debut, Filoni and Rosario Dawson, who portray Ahsoka, alluded to these parallels in diverse interviews. The Star Wars aficionado community has wholeheartedly embraced these similarities, lauding the character development and drawing myriad comparisons between the duo.

Ahsoka steals from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans love it

Ahsoka’s Multifaceted Existence

Interestingly, Ahsoka’s tryst with death isn’t a novel narrative in the Star Wars saga. She has previously grappled with perilous circumstances in “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.” Each episode has augmented her growth, molding her into a stronger and wiser entity. Yet, her latest reunion with Anakin Skywalker is arguably the most poignant.

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Rippling Effects in the Star Wars Cosmos

Ahsoka’s journey and its echoes of Gandalf are not mere tributes to another cherished fantasy tale. They epitomize profound character evolution and the intricate narrative interlacing within the Star Wars universe. As the series progresses, fans are on tenterhooks for more revelations and ties that deepen the rich tapestry of Star Wars lore.

In Conclusion

The infusion of “The Lord of the Rings” elements into the Star Wars narrative underscores the timeless nature of certain motifs and character trajectories. Both Ahsoka and Gandalf stand as symbols of hope, tenacity, and transformation. Their tales are a testament to the timeless allure of redemption and the unyielding spirit of champions.


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