Reminder: Seven Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass Today (September 30)
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Don’t Forget: Seven Games Exiting Xbox Game Pass Today (September 30th)

Reminder: Seven Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass Today (September 30)

Today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers bid farewell to seven games as they are set to leave the service. Among the titles being removed are the highly acclaimed Prodeus, Outriders, and Weird West. Gamers have a little while longer to enjoy these games before they vanish from the Game Pass library. But fret not, as all departing games are currently available with a discount of at least 20% if players wish to add them to their personal collections.

Here is a breakdown of the games leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30:

Date Game Platform
September 30 Beacon Pines Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Despot’s Game Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Last Call BBS PC
September 30 Moonscars Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Outriders Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Prodeus Console, PC, Cloud
September 30 Weird West Console, PC, Cloud

While we say goodbye to this batch of games, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to a fresh collection of titles that will be announced within the next couple of days. Although the exact details have yet to be revealed, speculation is already rife about what might be leaving Game Pass next month. Keep an eye out for news and predictions as the October departures are unveiled.

As the departure date looms, fans are encouraged to share their disappointment or thoughts on the departing games in the comments section below. Xbox Game Pass continues to evolve, delivering a diverse library of games for subscribers to enjoy, but inevitably, some titles will come and go.

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