Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Essential Games for October 2023?
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Do the PS Plus Essential Games for October 2023 Satisfy You?

The Callisto Project Loses Steam Among Gamers

The highly anticipated Callisto Project initially garnered a lot of attention with its intriguing concept when it was revealed. However, as more gameplay footage emerged, interest seems to have dwindled among gaming enthusiasts. And now, even after its release and subsequent reviews, it appears that the game has failed to live up to expectations.

One gamer, who was once excited about the Callisto Project, expressed their disappointment by stating, “After seeing the reviews and some more gameplay after it released, I had lost all interest. Now I can play it via PS+, I don’t know that I will bother trying it – not with a backlog of games I really want to play.”

It’s a disheartening turn of events for a game that showed so much promise early on. The lack of interest even amongst those who were initially excited raises questions about what went wrong for the Callisto Project.

Weird West: A Glimmer of Hope

In contrast to the waning interest in the Callisto Project, another upcoming game, Weird West, seems to have piqued the curiosity of some gamers. Although unsure if it aligns with their preferred gameplay style, one gamer expressed interest in giving it a try. Out of the three games discussed, Weird West is the one they are most likely to explore.

Weird West promises a fresh take on the genre, blending elements of the Wild West with supernatural mysteries. The unique concept and intriguing art style have certainly caught the attention of gamers searching for something new and different.

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No Interest in Farming Sim

While the Callisto Project and Weird West may have sparked some interest, Farming Sim seems to have failed to make an impact on the gaming community. One gamer outright declared, “I have no interest in Farming Sim at all.”

For those who enjoy simulation-style games or have a fascination with the agriculture industry, Farming Sim might offer a fulfilling experience. However, it seems that the game has failed to captivate a broader player base and hasn’t generated significant buzz.

A Lackluster Month for PS+

Turning our attention to the overall lineup of games available through PlayStation Plus (PS+), it’s fair to say that some gamers might find this month’s selection underwhelming. One gamer described their sentiment by saying, “In terms of PS+, I guess it’s not bad, but for me personally, it feels a bit ‘meh’. Nothing I’m excited for and/or can’t wait to download when they become available to play.”

While opinions may vary, it seems that the current PS+ offerings may not have the same level of excitement as previous months. However, it’s important to remember that taste in games is subjective, and some players may discover hidden gems within the lineup that resonate with their preferences.

Regardless of personal opinions, the availability of these games through PS+ allows players to try them without any additional cost, giving them an opportunity to explore different genres they might not typically consider.


The initial hype surrounding the Callisto Project has fizzled out, leaving many gamers disinterested in trying the game even with its availability through PS+. Weird West stands as a glimmer of hope with its unique premise, while Farming Sim fails to generate much interest. As for the overall selection of games through PS+ this month, it may not be a standout lineup, leaving some gamers feeling underwhelmed.

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