Former Switch Player Magazine Maker Announces Premium Publication 'Ninsight'
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Creator of Popular Switch Player Magazine Launches High-Quality Publication ‘Ninsight’

Ninsight: A Premium Print Publication by Ninty Media

Ninsight: A Premium Print Publication by Ninty Media

Ninty Media, formerly known as Switch Player, has recently announced a crowdfunding campaign for their brand new premium print publication called ‘Ninsight’. This exciting development comes after the discontinuation of their previous magazines, Switch Player and Ninty Fresh, earlier this year. However, the creators have assured fans that their return will be in a more premium and substantial format.

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The Evolution of Switch Player and Ninty Fresh

The upcoming hardback book, ‘Ninsight’, will comprise over 180 pages of Nintendo news and coverage. According to the creators, it is the natural evolution of Switch Player and Ninty Fresh. They describe it as a magazine-style annual publication that will cover a longer period of time, providing readers with a comprehensive and detailed experience.

What to Expect from ‘Ninsight’

The Indiegogo campaign for ‘Ninsight’ Issue 0 is currently open, and the book promises to offer a balanced mix of current Nintendo Switch content and retrospectives. In addition, readers can look forward to bespoke artwork, in-depth reviews, a nostalgic look back at the Famicom, a significant focus on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and exclusive developer interviews.

Supporting the Campaign

Those who pledge to the campaign will receive a copy of ‘Ninsight’. For £25 / $30, backers will receive a hardcover copy of the book, complete with a numbered obi strip. For £40 / $49, supporters will receive the book along with five art prints, their name featured in the book, a digital copy, a folded poster of the cover art, and a special Mario Wonder-themed pin.

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Join the Ninsight Community

If you were a fan of Switch Player or have an interest in Nintendo, ‘Ninsight’ is a must-have publication. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support the crowdfunding campaign and secure your copy of the bumper-sized book. Let us know in the comments if you collected Switch Player and if you’ll be backing this exciting new project!

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