My Favourite Game at Tokyo Game Show Wasn't Actually on PS5, PS4
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The Most Enjoyable Game I Played at Tokyo Game Show Wasn’t on PS5 or PS4

**Title: My Favourite Game at Tokyo Game Show Wasn’t Actually on PS5, PS4**

*Subtitle: Exploring the Hidden Gem of the Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 Micro-console*

The Tokyo Game Show is known for its exciting lineup of upcoming games for popular consoles like the PS5 and PS4. However, amidst the buzz surrounding these highly anticipated titles, there was one game that caught my attention, even though it wasn’t on either of these platforms. Introducing the Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 micro-console, a hidden gem that offers a unique and immersive train driving experience.

**A Niche Passion for Trains**

As a gaming enthusiast, I have always had a soft spot for train simulators. Over the years, I have covered Train Sim World extensively, but I have often yearned for more diversity in the routes offered. While Train Sim World has primarily focused on American, German, and British routes, my love for driving Japanese trains began with the arcade game Densha de Go on the PS1. This game, which later made its way to Sony’s home console in Japan, sparked my fascination with train simulators and left me longing for more Japanese locomotives.

**Densha de Go Plug & Play 2: A Dream Come True**

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 micro-console at the Tokyo Game Show. This standalone version, released a few years ago in Japan, offers a simplified yet immersive train driving experience. The micro-console connects directly to your television via HDMI, eliminating the need for any external hardware. With the official controller in hand, I was transported to the world of Japanese bullet trains, cruising along the Sanyo Shinkansen route.

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**Immersive Gameplay and Japanese Scenery**

The Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 system provides an authentic train driving experience with its main operation levers for acceleration and braking. Each transition between speeds is accompanied by a satisfying click, enhancing the realism of the gameplay. While the graphics may not match the standards of modern games, they are reminiscent of the early days of the PS3 era. Despite this, the distinctly Japanese scenery adds a unique charm to the game.

**A Niche Appeal**

The Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 micro-console may not appeal to everyone, but for train enthusiasts like myself, it offers a delightful experience. The simplicity of the system, combined with the joy of driving Japanese trains, creates a niche gaming experience that is sure to captivate fans of the genre. However, it is worth noting that the micro-console requires both space and a financial commitment, making it a more specialized purchase.

**The Future of Densha de Go**

As I tested out the Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 at the Tokyo Game Show, I couldn’t help but hope for a native PS5 entry in the future. The potential for further advancements in graphics and gameplay on the latest console generation is exciting. While the Densha de Go franchise may have a smaller following compared to mainstream titles, its dedicated fan base and the unique experience it offers suggest that there is still plenty of steam left in this beloved series.

**Reader Opinions**

Are you intrigued by the Densha de Go Plug & Play 2 micro-console? Do you share the same passion for train simulators, or is this a bit too niche for your interests? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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My Favourite Game at Tokyo Game Show Wasn't Actually on PS5, PS4

The Game I Enjoyed the Most at Tokyo Game Show Wasn’t Actually on PS5, PS4

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