Borderlands Studio Gearbox Entertainment Reportedly Being Sold
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Reportedly, Borderlands Studio Gearbox Entertainment Is Up for Sale

Embracer “exploring options” for Borderlands maker Gearbox

  • Embracer Group is reportedly considering selling Gearbox Entertainment, the company behind the popular Borderlands franchise.
  • Gearbox Entertainment was acquired by Embracer in April 2021.
  • Reuters’ sources suggest that potential buyers have already received marketing materials for Gearbox.
  • While the names of potential buyers have not been disclosed, they are said to be primarily international gaming groups.
  • Reuters speculates that Tencent may be among the interested parties.
  • Embracer has enlisted the help of Goldman Sachs and Aream & Co. to find a buyer.
  • The deal is not guaranteed to happen, but Embracer is actively exploring options for Gearbox.
  • Embracer Group has been facing financial troubles after a major deal fell apart, leading to restructuring efforts.

Embracer Group, the parent company of Gearbox Entertainment, is reportedly “exploring options” for the sale of the Borderlands maker. After a major deal fell apart, causing financial troubles for Embracer, the company is now considering its options for Gearbox, including the potential sale of the company as a whole. According to sources close to the matter, potential buyers have already received marketing materials for Gearbox.

While Reuters was unable to disclose the list of potential buyers, the sources suggest that they are mainly international gaming groups. One prominent player speculated to be among the interested parties is Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate with a foothold in the gaming industry.

Although the deal may not ultimately materialize, Embracer has sought the assistance of investment banking firms Goldman Sachs and Aream & Co. to explore potential buyers for Gearbox. As of now, neither Embracer, Goldman Sachs, nor Aream & Co. have commented on the matter.

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This potential sale comes as no surprise considering Embracer Group’s recent financial turmoil. The company embarked on an ambitious acquisition spree within the gaming industry, acquiring a diverse range of companies and intellectual properties. However, the financial strain of these acquisitions became apparent this year, leading to a period of restructuring and financial difficulties for Embracer.

These developments raise questions about the future of Gearbox Entertainment and the beloved Borderlands franchise. It remains to be seen how the potential sale will impact the company and its ongoing projects. Fans of Borderlands will undoubtedly be watching closely for any updates on this matter.

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