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Quest Headsets Now Support Hand Tracking & Colocation in Demeo

Introducing Demeo’s Mixed Reality 2.0 Update: Hand Tracking and Colocation Support

A new Demeo update, known as the Mixed Reality 2.0 update, has recently been released, bringing exciting new features to the popular virtual reality (VR) game. This update includes support for hand tracking and colocation, enhancing the immersive gameplay experience for players. Furthermore, Demeo is also in development for Apple Vision Pro, as confirmed by Resolution, the game’s developer. Let’s dive deeper into the details of this exciting update.

Hand Tracking Takes Demeo to a Whole New Level

With the Mixed Reality 2.0 update, Demeo now supports hand tracking, allowing players to interact with the game using their own hands instead of controllers. This feature provides a more intuitive and immersive gameplay experience. Players can now pat their dog or perform other hand gestures in mixed reality while playing Demeo. Resolution Games, the developer of Demeo, had previously announced hand tracking support, and now they have delivered on that promise.

Colocation: A New Frontier in Multiplayer VR Gaming

Colocation is another exciting feature introduced in Demeo’s Mixed Reality 2.0 update. It enables multiple headsets to share the same physical play space with synchronized virtual coordinates. This means that when players are in the same room, their in-game avatars and game elements, such as the game board and decorations, will accurately match their real-world positions. This seamless local multiplayer functionality creates an experience reminiscent of playing a board game together around a table or in a living room.

Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Mixed Reality

The timing of Demeo’s Mixed Reality 2.0 update aligns with the upcoming launch of Quest 3, Meta’s highly anticipated VR headset. Quest 3 is set to offer improved mixed reality functionality, and Demeo’s hand tracking and colocation support will seamlessly integrate with this new device. Furthermore, Resolution Games has confirmed that Demeo is also in active development for Apple Vision Pro. Vision Pro boasts a pinch-and-gaze input method, combining hand and eye tracking, making it an ideal platform for Demeo’s mixed reality experience.

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Enhancing the Mixed Reality Experience for Demeo

Resolution Games’ commitment to improving Demeo’s mixed reality experience is evident in the rollout of these new features. The inclusion of hand tracking and colocation support on Quest 2 and Quest Pro demonstrates the studio’s dedication to enhancing gameplay for players on current headsets. Additionally, the prospect of Demeo being ported over to the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro showcases Resolution Games’ commitment to reaching a wider audience.

Final Thoughts: A Promising Future for Demeo

The Mixed Reality 2.0 update for Demeo introduces game-changing features that elevate the already popular VR game to new heights. Hand tracking and colocation support bring an unprecedented level of immersion and interaction, while the upcoming compatibility with Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro promises an even more seamless mixed reality experience for players. With Resolution Games’ continued focus on improving the game, Demeo’s future looks bright.

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