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Nintendo Life Letters: Absence of Zelda Ports, Geek Outbursts, and Backlash in the 16-Bit Era

# Nintendo Life Mailbox: Nerd Peeves, Nintendo Seal of Quality, and Fresh Gaming Habits

In this month’s edition of the Nintendo Life Mailbox, we dive into some interesting topics brought up by our readers. From nerd peeves to the Nintendo seal of quality and fresh gaming habits, there’s plenty to discuss. So let’s jump right in!

## “Gnarly Nerd-Rage”

Our first letter comes from a longtime lurker who wants to know if we have any particular nerd-peeves. They share their own peeve of getting a gnarly nerd-rage whenever someone refers to any random Link as the hero of Time. We can definitely relate to the frustration of such mischaracterizations.

The letter also suggests a few other peeves, such as the Xbox controller face buttons being the standard for PC controllers, Nintendo being considered the developer and/or owner of all games launching on their consoles, and Call of Duty still being considered super relevant. These are all valid points that spark interesting discussions within the gaming community.

## “Less is Better”

Another reader, James, expresses their appreciation for our site and shares their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. While they believe that the Switch is the most accessible system, they wish that Nintendo would bring back the Nintendo seal of quality. They feel that there is too much trash populating the store and that less is better. We agree with James that quality control is important, and it would be great to see Nintendo address this issue in the future.

## “Fresh”

TheJGG writes in to share their gaming habit of playing a single game intensely, taking a break from it, and then wiping their save file to start fresh after a few months. They find that this approach allows them to learn and appreciate the game even more. They give examples of games like Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Fire Emblem Three Houses, where they have reset their progress multiple times to experience the games anew.

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Our editor, Ed, chimes in and mentions that while finding time to beat a game 100% is an achievement for him, Ollie recently restarted their Tears of the Kingdom save file and found a renewed appreciation for the game. It’s an interesting gaming habit that allows players to find new value in their favorite games.

## “Add the Ratings”

BulbasaurusRex raises a concern about the lack of consistent ratings information for video games online. They request that we add ratings, such as ESRB and PEGI, to each game’s page and recommend a method to consistently look up ratings for most video games. We pass this request along to our top brass and assure BulbasaurusRex that we are working on a solution.

## Bonus Letters

As always, we have some bonus letters that cover a range of topics. From discussions about the existence of the Switch 2 to opinions on Splatoon 3’s map design, our readers never fail to bring up interesting points.

## Conclusion

That wraps up this month’s edition of the Nintendo Life Mailbox. We appreciate all the letters we received and encourage readers to continue sending in their thoughts and questions. Remember, keep your letters short and sweet, and don’t be disheartened if your letter doesn’t appear in the monthly article. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to send a Letter to the Nintendo Life Mailbox:
1. Head to Nintendo Life’s Contact page.
2. Select the subject “Reader Letters” from the drop-down menu.
3. Type your name, email, and letter into the appropriate box.
4. Hit send and wait for a chance to see your letter featured in the next edition!

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That’s all for this month. Stay tuned for more gaming news and insights from the Nintendo Life team. Happy gaming!

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