Genshin Impact Reveals New Daily Commission System

New Daily Commission System Unveiled by Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Version 4.1 Introduces Exciting Changes to Daily Commission System

Genshin Impact players have something to look forward to in the upcoming version 4.1 update. The developers have announced that the Daily Commission system will undergo a significant revamp, providing players with more opportunities to earn rewards and engage with daily content efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this exciting update.

Revamped Daily Commission System

The Daily Commission system in Genshin Impact allows players to complete specific tasks and earn Primogems, which can be used to obtain Wishes and upgrade the Battle Pass. In version 4.1, the developers have addressed player feedback and introduced the “Encounter Points” feature. This feature aims to make the Daily Commission system less repetitive and more enjoyable for players.

Players will now need to collect Encounter Points by completing quests, exploring the game world, participating in events, and gathering materials. These Encounter Points can then be exchanged for valuable rewards, providing players with more options to tackle daily content and receive freebies.

New World Boss and Expanded Map

In addition to the revamped Daily Commission system, version 4.1 will introduce a new world boss called the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. This formidable creature deals Electro damage with its area-of-effect skill and projectiles, offering players a challenging battle and the opportunity to obtain rare loot.

Furthermore, the Fontaine map will be expanded with new areas for players to explore. This expansion will provide a fresh and exciting experience for both new and veteran players, offering new challenges and discoveries.

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One-Click Expeditions

The developers have also announced that a new feature called “One-Click Expeditions” is currently under development. This feature aims to make expeditions in Genshin Impact more convenient and accessible. Players will be able to embark on expeditions with just a single click, saving time and allowing them to focus on other aspects of the game.

Celebrating Genshin Impact’s Third Anniversary

To celebrate the game’s third anniversary, version 4.1 will offer players at least 1600 Primogems. These Primogems can be used to make wishes and potentially obtain powerful weapons and characters. It’s a great opportunity for players to bolster their roster and enhance their gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Genshin Impact version 4.1 brings exciting changes to the Daily Commission system, introducing the Encounter Points feature and expanding the Fontaine map. With the addition of a new world boss and the upcoming One-Click Expeditions feature, players can look forward to a more engaging and rewarding gameplay experience. Make sure to update your game and embark on new adventures in the world of Genshin Impact!

Note: Genshin Impact is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version currently in development.

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