League of Legends is finally getting a boy version of KDA
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League of Legends is introducing a male counterpart to KDA at last

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League of Legends Teases Possible Boy Band Skins

League of Legends may not always be my cup of tea, but its various champions, deep lore, catchy music, and aesthetically pleasing skins most certainly are. From the Sailor Moon-like Star Guardian line to the stunning Spirit Blossom collection, Riot’s lineup of skins is tempting, even to players who generally avoid dabbling with in-game cosmetics. Some of my favorite skins are from LoL’s virtual K-pop group, KDA, and it looks like we may get a boy band line to go alongside the girls’ now.

Fashion and Music Take Center Stage

For those who aren’t into League of Legends’ more competitive side, Riot’s focus on fashion and music means a good bit. The MOBA has more than enough to offer fans in either category, with regular skin lines dropping and multiple collaborations with real-life stars for songs. Just look at the recent LoL Worlds song. When you combine a catchy tune with impressive visuals, you can end up with something killer like KDA.

Popularity Among Players and K-Pop Fans

The music is popular among players and K-pop fans. The girls’ flashy skins? Even more so. Even Riot says as much on its website. All we’re missing now is a jaw-dropping boy band to go alongside the girls. Sure, Seraphine’s ultimate KDA skin is stellar, but can you imagine how good Sett will look as a pop musician? You may not have to leave it up to your imagination for long. In a recent post, Riot allegedly teases the reveal of a possible line of boy band skins.

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Riot Games Music post on Twitter teasing the upcoming League of Legends boy band skins

The text itself simply reads, “We’re working on it,” but the image depicts a musical keyboard hooked up to a laptop with a notebook in between. In the notebook, you’ll notice some sketches that look to portray League of Legends champions. If you take a closer look, you may recognize the characters as Aphelios, Ezreal, Kayn, K’Sante, Sett, and Yone. The six are undoubtedly popular, even among those of us who admire the champs from afar.

Possible Release Date

Seriously, you can’t convince me that Sett doesn’t look like Final Fantasy’s own best boy, G’raha Tia. It’s important to note that Riot hasn’t confirmed the identity of the characters drawn in the teaser, nor has the dev explicitly revealed an upcoming line of boy band skins. The rumored line will supposedly drop as a part of this year’s Worlds event with patch 13.22 on Wednesday, November 8.

Stay Updated

If you’re not up to date with the most recent patch yet, be sure to look through our rundown on League of Legends’ patch 13.20 and how it could affect your jungling experience. Alternatively, browse around our in-depth League of Legends tier list for a better understanding of Riot’s most overpowered champions.

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