Is Forza The Best Racing Franchise Of All Time?
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Is Forza the Ultimate Racing Franchise of All Time?

Forza: The Best Racing Franchise for Gamers?

Forza: The Best Racing Franchise for Gamers?

Forza is a gaming franchise that caters to a wide range of racing enthusiasts, offering both a more realistic simulation experience with its Motorsport series and a more arcade-style approach with its Horizon games. With other beloved racing IPs fading away, such as Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm, Forza, especially Playground’s Horizon games, has solidified its position as a favorite among gamers.

A Perfect Balance

Whether you prefer the precision and authenticity of a sim racing experience or the adrenaline-fueled excitement of arcade-style racing, Forza manages to strike a perfect balance. Unlike other franchises that may lean more toward one style or the other, Forza caters to both preferences.

Personal Preferences

While opinions on the best racing franchise may vary depending on personal preferences, it’s worth noting that as a gaming expert, my preference tends to lean toward the arcade-style gameplay offered by Forza Horizon. Titles like Project Gotham and Rallisport Challenge were my favorites during the OG/360 era. I also have fond memories of Motorstorm on PlayStation.

The Decline of Beloved IPs

Unfortunately, racing franchises such as Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm no longer exist in the current gaming landscape. These titles held a special place in the hearts of many racing game enthusiasts. With their absence, Forza has stepped up to fill the void.

Appealing to Realism

It’s important to acknowledge that racing enthusiasts with real-world racing experience may have a different preference when it comes to the most accurate simulation. For those deeply interested in the sim racing genre, Forza Motorsport offers a highly realistic experience. However, as someone who enjoys a more casual arcade-style approach, the more Forza leans toward realism, the less appealing it becomes to me personally.

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Diverse Gameplay Options

One of the reasons why Forza stands out is its ability to provide diverse gameplay options. The Motorsport series caters to those seeking a detailed and challenging racing simulation, ensuring a highly immersive experience. On the other hand, the Horizon series offers an open-world environment with a focus on exploration, freedom, and the joy of simply driving around.


When it comes to the best racing franchise for gamers, Forza emerges as a strong contender by offering a unique combination of sim and arcade-style racing experiences. It has successfully filled the void left by beloved racing IPs that have faded away in recent years. Whether you crave realistic precision or adrenaline-filled excitement, Forza caters to a wide range of racing enthusiasts.

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