These 30+ Games Are Coming To Xbox Next Week (September 11-15)
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Check out the exciting lineup of over 30 games coming to Xbox next week (September 11-15)!

# Xbox Games Roundup: New Releases and Game Pass Titles for September 11th-15th

Welcome to your Xbox games roundup for the week of September 11th to 15th! Get ready for an action-packed few days with several exciting new game releases and additions to the Xbox Game Pass. From thrilling racing experiences to captivating puzzle adventures, there’s something for every gamer to enjoy.

## New Xbox Releases (September 11-15)

Here are the highly anticipated games coming to Xbox this week:

### Full Void (September 12)
– Description: Set in a dystopian future, Full Void is a 2D Cinematic Puzzle Platformer where you play as a young teenager navigating a hostile world controlled by a rogue AI.
– Link: [Full Void on Xbox Store](

### MythForce (September 12)
– Description: Inspired by beloved Saturday morning cartoons, MythForce combines swords & sorcery with gripping first-person combat in a new roguelike adventure.
– Link: [MythForce on Xbox Store](

### The Isle Tide Hotel (September 12)
– Description: Dive into the mysteries of The Isle Tide Hotel as you investigate the strange events that unfold to save Eleanor Malone in this live-action interactive mystery game. Your decisions will affect the outcome of the story.
– Link: [The Isle Tide Hotel on Xbox Store](

### Gravity Oddity (September 13)
– Description: Battle your way through ever-changing galactic environments on your jetpack and gravity boots, and help Gary find his way back home in this exciting space action adventure!
– Link: [Gravity Oddity on Xbox Store](

### Mystic Gate (September 13)
– Description: Dash, dodge, and take aim at hordes of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons that make every run feel unique in this fast-paced action game!
– Link: [Mystic Gate on Xbox Store](

### Super Bomberman R 2 (September 13)
– Description: The latest installment in the party battle games series, Super Bomberman R 2 offers new adventures and game modes, making it the most content-packed title in the series.
– Link: [Super Bomberman R 2 on Xbox Store](

### Word Web By POWGI (September 13)
– Description: Challenge your word skills with this new POWGI game! Place the letters onto the web to form words connected by a continuous path.
– Link: [Word Web By POWGI on Xbox Store](

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### AK-xolotl (September 14)
– Description: Blast your way through the animal kingdom with an arsenal of kick-ass guns, mighty power-ups, and an army of trigger-happy baby axolotls.
– Link: [AK-xolotl on Xbox Store](

### The Crew Motorfest (September 14)
– Description: Experience the thrill of high-speed street races, off-road adventures, and perfect curves in The Crew Motorfest. Set in the breathtaking island of O’ahu, Hawaii, this game offers a variety of racing experiences.
– Link: [The Crew Motorfest on Xbox Store](

### Dynablaster (September 14)
– Description: The legendary classic bomber is back in a new and improved 3D action and multiplayer game. Enjoy the explosive fun with friends!
– Link: [Dynablaster on Xbox Store](

### Solace State (September 14)
– Description: Play as Chloe, a gifted hacker, and unravel the mysteries of a biotech crackdown in the city of Abraxa while searching for your missing friend, Rebecka.
– Link: [Solace State on Xbox Store](

### Solar Ash (September 14)
– Description: Dive into a surreal world filled with grotesque creatures, towering bosses, and shattered, bygone worlds. Master the art of navigation and take down your enemies in this visually stunning action-adventure game.

### Summum Aeterna (September 14)
– Description: Embark on a Roguelite adventure like no other with Summum Aeterna. Combining world crawler mechanics and a fast-paced combat system, this game offers a unique gameplay experience.
– Link: [Summum Aeterna on Xbox Store](

### Ugly (September 14)
– Description: Explore the tormented recesses of a nobleman’s mind and solve challenging puzzles in this reflective puzzle platformer.
– Link: [Ugly on Xbox Store](

### Ad Infinitum (September 14)
– Description: Experience the horrors of World War I and a haunting family history as you take control of your life in this atmospheric survival horror game.

### Mortal Kombat 1 Premium Edition (September 14)
– Description: Enter the reborn Mortal Kombat Universe created by the Fire God Liu Kang. Discover a new era of the iconic franchise with a new fighting system, game modes, and fatalities.
– Link: [Mortal Kombat 1 Premium Edition on Xbox Store](

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### Another Crusade (September 15)
– Description: Embark on a platformer with turn-based combat set in a 3D wooden puppet-style world. Test your timing and strategy skills in this unique old school RPG adventure.
– Link: [Another Crusade on Xbox Store](

### Baby Shark: Swing & Swim Party (September 15)
– Description: Join Baby Shark and the rest of the family in a swim across wide waters to enjoy the Fin-tastic Festival in this fun-filled adventure game.
– Link: [Baby Shark: Swing & Swim Party on Xbox Store](

### Bright Side: Riddles And Puzzles (September 15)
– Description: Test your wits and skills with this collection of unusual stories and tricky riddles. Solve them with friends or solo and see who will survive!
– Link: [Bright Side: Riddles And Puzzles on Xbox Store](

### Dream House Days DX (September 15)
– Description: Create your dream house as both architect and landlord in this unique simulation game. Furnish your abode with a wide range of facilities, from arcade games to saunas, and attract tenants.
– Link: [Dream House Days DX on Xbox Store](

### Dungeon Village (September 15)
– Description: Build and manage your own RPG town, where adventurers come to seek fame and fortune. Transform your humble hamlet into a bustling hub for brave heroes!
– Link: [Dungeon Village on Xbox Store](

### Game Dev Story (September 15)
– Description: Dive into the world of game development as you manage your own game company. Create top-selling games and guide your company to success in this unique simulation game.
– Link: [Game Dev Story on Xbox Store](

### Hot Springs Story (September 15)
– Description: Build and manage your own hot spring resort. Position each facility strategically to create the ultimate hot spring Nirvana and attract guests from all over.
– Link: [Hot Springs Story on Xbox Store](

### Isekai Rondo (September 15)
– Description: Immerse yourself in a parallel universe as Shaw, a young man reincarnated from modern-day Japan. Explore a fascinating world filled with magic, adventure, and ancient mysteries.
– Link: [Isekai Rondo on Xbox Store](

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### NASCAR Arcade Rush (September 15)
– Description: Experience the thrill of NASCAR racing in an exciting new game. Take control of a NASCAR vehicle and race on reimagined iconic racetracks in high-speed, wheel-to-wheel action!
– Link: [NASCAR Arcade Rush on Xbox Store](

### Perfect Ninja Warrior (September 15)
– Description: Put your ninja skills to the test in this colorful arcade puzzle game. Paint the walls through 50 levels and aim to get all the stars!
– Link: [Perfect Ninja Warrior on Xbox Store](

### Station Manager (September 15)
– Description: Customize your train station with various facilities and trains. Cater to your passengers’ needs by adding vending machines, benches, and more to make their travel comfortable.
– Link: [Station Manager on Xbox Store](

### Super Brawl Rush (September 15)
– Description: Fight your way to the top as you face bloodthirsty thugs, mutants, and cultists. Dethrone the Emperor and rule with an iron fist!
– Link: [Super Brawl Rush on Xbox Store](

### Werewolf Pinball (September 15)
– Description: Embark on a pinball adventure and discover all the secrets, complete missions, and aim to become number one on the online leaderboard.
– Link: [Werewolf Pinball on Xbox Store](

## Xbox Game Pass Titles

In addition to the exciting new releases, check out these amazing titles coming to Xbox Game Pass:

– [Title 1](link)
– [Title 2](link)
– [Title 3](link)

Don’t miss out on all the gaming action this week! Whether you’re looking for intense racing, mind-bending puzzles, or gripping adventures, there’s something for everyone on Xbox. Start exploring these amazing titles and enjoy hours of thrilling gameplay!

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