What Are You Playing This Weekend? (September 9-10)
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What will be your weekend game of choice? (September 9-10)

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (September 9-10)

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (September 9-10)

Ready for another weekend? If you’re wondering what to play over the next few days, we’ve got you covered with the latest releases and free gaming opportunities.

New Xbox Game Pass Releases

The Xbox Game Pass is offering two highly anticipated titles this weekend. First up is Starfield, the massive Bethesda RPG that has been generating a lot of buzz. It promises to take players on an epic journey through space and offers a rich and immersive experience. The second release is Gris, a beautiful and emotional indie game that has garnered critical acclaim.

Free Play Days Titles

If you’re looking to try out some new games without spending a dime, there are three titles available for free this weekend. Take advantage of the Free Play Days and explore games such as Payday 3 and Party Animals.

Free Betas on Xbox Insider Hub

Xbox Insider Hub is hosting free betas for a couple of games this weekend. Take the opportunity to get a sneak peek at upcoming titles and provide valuable feedback to developers.

Over 1000 Deals on the Xbox Store

For the thrifty gamers out there, the Xbox Store is offering over 1000 deals this weekend. Whether you’re looking for AAA titles, indie gems, or DLCs, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

What Are our Gaming Experts Playing?

Fraser Gilbert, Editor

Fraser is eager to dive into Starfield, but acknowledges that it can be overwhelming to tackle a massive Bethesda RPG when time is limited. Nevertheless, he’s impressed with what he has experienced so far. Additionally, Fraser is also interested in playing the Payday 3 and Party Animals betas, as well as Sea of Stars, which recently joined the Xbox Game Pass.

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PJ O’Reilly, Staff Writer

PJ is thoroughly enjoying Starfield and is now embarking on the New Game Plus stage. He expresses excitement about exploring an upcoming Soulslike game and seeing if it lives up to the high standards set by games like Bloodborne.

Craig Reid, Video Producer

Craig is fully immersed in Starfield and will be spending most of his weekend exploring the game. However, he also mentions being intrigued by the live-action One Piece show on Netflix and considering giving One Piece Odyssey a try.

With so many exciting gaming options available, it’s an ideal weekend for Xbox gamers! Let us know in the comments what you’ll be playing this weekend.


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