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Unleash Your Creativity as Forza Horizon 5 Map Creators with EventLab 2.0

**TITLE: Forza Horizon 5 Introduces EventLab 2.0: Unleash Your Creativity with New Map Editor Features**


Since the launch of Forza Horizon 5, the EventLab community has showcased stunning creativity and talent through their unique maps and game modes. Playground Games is now taking it even further with the introduction of EventLab 2.0, a free update that enhances the custom map editor in Forza Horizon 5. With a range of new features and tools, EventLab 2.0 aims to spark the imagination of players and empower them to create incredible events within the game.

**A Closer Look at EventLab 2.0**

EventLab 2.0 introduces several quality-of-life improvements and asset creation tools that allow players to build their dream maps, races, and game modes in Forza Horizon 5. Here are some of the exciting new features offered by EventLab 2.0:

**Multi-Selection Mode:**

With the new multi-selection mode, players can grab multiple individual props and manipulate them together. This feature enables rotating, moving, and duplicating multiple props at once, making the creative process faster and more efficient. Additionally, players can save and reuse groups of props they have assembled, saving time and effort in future event creations.


Prefabs in EventLab 2.0 are combinations of props that form a new mega prop. Players can save their created props as Prefabs and share them with the community. This feature allows creators to browse and use other players’ Prefabs in their own maps, encouraging collaboration and expanding the range of possibilities for custom events. Players can also bookmark their favorite and most-used props for quick access.

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**Custom Flyers:**

EventLab 2.0 introduces custom flyers, allowing creators to replace the auto-generated promotional flyer with a photo taken of their event. This feature enables creators to better represent their EventLab Blueprint and gives players a more accurate preview of the event they are about to play. With the ability to browse more than 15 events in the event browser, players can explore a wide range of community-created blueprints and discover new and exciting events faster than ever before.

**EventLab Island:**

To provide an ideal playground for creating EventLab content, the update introduces EventLab Island. This brand-new location offers a 2km x 2km flat concrete platform surrounded by ocean. Accessible through its own icon on the in-game map, EventLab Island provides creators with increased prop budgets and more design freedom within each event. The island serves as the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Forza Horizon 5.

**New Props:**

EventLab 2.0 brings a range of new props to Forza Horizon 5, expanding the customization options for custom maps. The update introduces prop packs, including a petrol station with signs, a variety of primitive shapes, and different surface types. Players can also style up their checkpoint markers with various colors of street race flares. Additionally, existing props now have attachment nodes, making them easier to move and snap together.

**Enhanced Creativity with Time-of-Day and Weather Settings:**

With EventLab 2.0, creators have the ability to set the exact time-of-day and weather conditions while building their maps. This feature allows creators to see their creations in the exact conditions they intend for players to experience. Whether it’s designing a night-time race or a rain-soaked track, creators can ensure their events offer the desired atmosphere and challenge.

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EventLab 2.0 is an exciting free update for Forza Horizon 5 players, offering enhanced creative tools and features to unleash their imagination. With the new multi-selection mode, Prefabs, custom flyers, EventLab Island, new props, and customizable time-of-day and weather settings, creators have more freedom than ever before to bring their dream events to life. Whether it’s crafting a thrilling race or designing a unique game mode, EventLab 2.0 empowers players to shape the ultimate Forza Horizon 5 experience.

(Note: The article is fictional and does not contain up-to-date information about Forza Horizon 5 or EventLab 2.0.)

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