IGN UK Podcast 714: Daddy's Home
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UK Podcast 714: The Arrival of Daddy

ABBA Receives the Recognition They Deserve in the Latest UK Podcast

September 15, 2023

Big Daddy Dale Returns, Joined by Cardy and Mat

In the latest episode of the UK Podcast, Big Daddy Dale makes a triumphant return, accompanied by his trusty sidekicks Cardy and Mat. The trio dives into the exciting lineup of trailers showcased during this week’s PlayStation State of Play event. From much-anticipated sequels to unexpected surprises, the podcast covers it all.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The podcast kicks off with the discussion of the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Fans of the iconic franchise can rejoice as the trailer unveiled during the State of Play event offers a glimpse into the stunning visual enhancements and immersive gameplay that await them in this highly anticipated release.

Spider-Man 2

Another highlight of the State of Play event was the reveal of Spider-Man 2. The podcast trio delves into the trailer, dissecting the clues and hints of what players can expect from the highly anticipated sequel. From the introduction of new villains to the potential for co-op gameplay, this trailer leaves fans eagerly speculating about the future adventures of everyone’s favorite webslinger.

Baby Steps

Amidst the excitement of blockbuster titles, the podcast also covers the more understated “Baby Steps.” This charming indie game caught the attention of the hosts, who discuss its unique art style and mechanics. While not as flashy as Final Fantasy or Spider-Man, Baby Steps proves that sometimes, the smaller titles can pack just as much punch.

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Casual Film Chat

As avid pop culture enthusiasts, the UK Podcast trio couldn’t resist going on tangents about random films, both old and new. From classic masterpieces to recent blockbusters, the hosts provide their unique perspectives and discuss their personal favorites. It’s the perfect blend of gaming and entertainment chatter for fans who appreciate a well-rounded podcast experience.

ABBA – Finally Getting the Respect They Deserve

No episode would be complete without addressing the burning question, “What do you think of ABBA?” The hosts encourage listeners to share their thoughts on the iconic Swedish band, whose timeless music has captivated and entertained audiences for decades.

Join the Discussion

Have your say by getting in touch with the UK team at ign_ukfeedback@ign.com. Share your thoughts on ABBA, the trailers discussed, or anything else that piques your interest.

Further Episodes Worth Checking Out

For more gaming news, insights, and exciting discussions, tune in to the latest episode of the UK Podcast: Daddy’s Back.

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