The Overwatch 2 Community Is Wondering Why a Legendary Skin Seemingly Disappeared

The Overwatch 2 Community is Puzzled About the Mysterious Disappearance of a Legendary Skin

Overwatch 2’s Cosmetic Controversies: Unavailable Skins and Monetization Criticisms

Cosmetics have proven to be one of the most controversial aspects of Overwatch 2 for several reasons, and while there are a ton to choose from, fans are puzzled over why some older skins now seem to be completely unavailable in the game. Overwatch 2’s transition to the live-service model means that each new season adds plenty of new cosmetics, though the oftentimes high prices of these decorative bundles leave many players preferring the old loot box system.

With Overwatch 2 now available to all players as a free-to-play title, a renewed focus on cosmetic monetization would seem to now provide the game’s primary source of income. The sequel introduces a new shop section to accommodate the distribution of cosmetic content, but it’s not without its flaws. Some of the community’s biggest complaints since the launch of the game point out the typically high prices of bundles in the shop, which combined with the slim options available for earning skins or currency freely through gameplay, means that collecting every skin like many players did in the original game is no longer an option.

Prices aside, there have been several instances of Overwatch 2 cosmetics seemingly vanishing from the game altogether, becoming unavailable from both the in-game shop and the hero gallery screen. While most of these missing items were still there for players that already owned them, there remain several examples which appear to be – at least for now – completely unobtainable. One missing skin was recently brought to the community’s attention thanks to a Reddit post from the user diegunsk, who pointed out that Zarya’s Polyanitsa skin didn’t seem to be available anywhere in the game. Many fans have been left curious as to why this Legendary skin is unavailable for purchase, but some players believe they have an answer.

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Not only is Zarya’s Polyanitsa skin a Legendary-quality item, it’s actually a skin introduced with one of Overwatch 2’s previous Archives events. Almost every hero in the game has an Archives skin or two, and it’s not uncommon for these event skins to become available as limited-time bundles in the game’s shop. Some players are confident that its absence is a hint that it will soon become available in one such bundle, or as part of some other event. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been the case in the past, with certain skins and emotes having been missing in action for a while now.

Fans are hoping that some of these missing skins may be intended to return during the game’s upcoming Anniversary event, but it’s difficult to say for sure. There appears to be a lot still planned for Overwatch 2 throughout the remainder of the year as well as the next, so it seems unlikely that these cosmetics will remain unavailable forever.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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