Minds Beneath Us, sci-fi adventure thriller, bound for Switch
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Switch-bound Sci-fi Adventure Thriller: Unveiling Minds Below

Minds Beneath Us Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

Minds Beneath Us Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

BearBoneStudio has announced plans to bring its upcoming project Minds Beneath Us to Nintendo Switch. The game, a sci-fi adventure thriller, is set to debut in 2024.

Minds Beneath Us is a unique and captivating adventure about a guy and a data ghost who lived in his head and controlled his body. In a society where AI has fully automated everything, a new industry has emerged that replaces the hardware needed to operate the internet with linked human brains. The game takes place against the backdrop of this mad society, where a mysterious conspiracy gradually unveils.

Key Features

  • Players can constantly make their own dialogue choices, shaping the relationship between characters. The combination of dialogue choices and actions will constantly affect the story.
  • Observe environments, pay attention to each dialogue, and look for hidden clues in every scene to unlock new dialogue choices.
  • The game features hand-drawn animation and smooth camera movement, creating a unique cinematic experience.
  • Combining 2D characters and detailed 3D environments, Minds Beneath Us presents the near-future Taipei street.

Check out the teaser trailer for Minds Beneath Us below:


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