Border Bots VR Gets Stuck At Customs, Now Shipping In 2024
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Shipment of Border Bots VR Delayed at Customs; Expected Release Set for 2024

Team17 Delays Border Bots VR to Achieve Simultaneous Multi-Platform Release

Border Bots VR, the highly anticipated virtual reality game from Team17, has been delayed until next year. The developers have confirmed that the release for PSVR 2 and PC VR will be pushed back to ensure a simultaneous launch across all platforms.

A Unique Immersive Experience

In Border Bots VR, players take on the role of a human border agent whose task is to ensure that robots have the necessary clearance to enter the city. The game offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience, with a focus on the interaction between humans and robots in a futuristic setting.

In a preview of the game last month, it was described as “easily one of our most anticipated VR titles.” The setting and interactions within the game were praised, and it was noted to be a refreshing and polished experience.

Delayed Release for Simultaneous Multi-Platform Launch

Originally scheduled for release on September 28 for PSVR 2 and PC VR, with the Quest 2 version set to come later in early 2024, Team17 made the decision to delay the release in order to ensure a simultaneous launch on all planned platforms.

The full statement from Team17 reads:

We’ve made the decision to move the release date for Border Bots VR to 8th February 2024. This is to ensure the game launches simultaneously on all our planned platforms, SteamVR, PSVR 2, and Meta Quest 2, so that all our players can experience the game at the same time. We apologize for any disappointment and look forward to sharing the game with everyone when it releases early next year.

The decision to delay the release is a strategic move by Team17 to provide a fair and equal playing field for all players. By launching the game simultaneously on all platforms, players will be able to share the excitement of the new release together.

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Preparations for the Release

With the release date now set for February 8th, 2024, players can start looking forward to experiencing Border Bots VR on the Meta Quest, SteamVR, and PSVR 2 platforms. The delay gives the developers more time to fine-tune the game and ensure a seamless and immersive experience for players.

For those who are eagerly anticipating the release, there is a preview available that provides a deeper insight into the gameplay and features of Border Bots VR. Titled “Border Bots VR Preview: Charming, Engaging & Ready For Closer Inspection,” the preview offers an exclusive hands-on experience with the game.

Overall, the delay in the release of Border Bots VR may come as a disappointment to some, but it is a necessary step to ensure a high-quality and synchronized launch on all platforms. The game promises to deliver a unique and immersive experience, and players can now look forward to experiencing it together in early 2024.

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