Bigscreen Beyond Review – Promising but Incomplete
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Review of Bigscreen Beyond: A Promising but Incomplete Experience

Title: Bigscreen Beyond: A Promising PC VR Headset with One Key Missing Feature

Bigscreen Beyond is a highly anticipated PC VR headset that aims to deliver maximum image quality in a compact form factor. With its unique features and custom-fit facepad, it has the potential to stand out in the crowded VR market. However, there is one key component missing that could make or break the overall experience.

Compact Design and Visuals:
Bigscreen Beyond impresses with its compact design and built-in SteamVR tracking. It is smaller than it appears in photos and offers a polished, high-end look. The OLED displays provide sharp visuals and true blacks, while the resolution and pixel density deliver a remarkably clear image. The custom-fit facepad ensures a snug fit and eliminates light leakage, enhancing immersion.

The Missing Piece: Built-in Audio:
One crucial feature that is currently missing from Bigscreen Beyond is built-in audio. While an official deluxe audio strap is in the works, users are currently required to use their own headphones. This presents an inconvenience, as it adds another step to the setup process and obstructs the seamless experience the headset aims to achieve.

The Frustration of No Nose-gap:
Another downside of Bigscreen Beyond’s design is the absence of a nose-gap and passthrough camera. This means that users are completely blind to the real world when wearing the headset. Simple tasks like grabbing controllers or checking notifications become more time-consuming and frustrating, requiring constant readjustment and removal of the headset.

The Promise of the Deluxe Audio Strap:
Bigscreen has acknowledged the importance of built-in audio and has assured users that a deluxe audio strap is on its way. The inclusion of this accessory is expected to greatly enhance the overall user experience. The strap is slated for release in Q4, and users eagerly await its arrival, as it has the potential to make or break the headset.

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Unique Customization:
Bigscreen Beyond sets itself apart by offering a completely custom facepad for each customer. This level of customization, achieved through the use of an app to 3D scan the face, ensures a perfect fit and comfort. The facepad eliminates light leakage and optimizes the eyebox, allowing for an immersive VR experience tailored to each individual.

Comfort and Clarity:
Beyond’s compact form factor and lightweight design result in a comfortable and wearable headset. The tight eyebox requires precise positioning, but once achieved, the visual clarity is exceptional. However, Beyond does suffer from notable glare in high contrast scenes, which may impact the overall visual experience.

Bigscreen Beyond has the potential to be a game-changer in the PC VR market with its compact design and impressive visuals. However, the absence of built-in audio and the inconvenience of no nose-gap present significant drawbacks. The upcoming deluxe audio strap holds the key to unlocking the headset’s full potential and will greatly impact its overall appeal. As users wait for the strap’s release, they remain hopeful that it will address the current shortcomings and elevate the Bigscreen Beyond experience to the next level.

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